Campus men rehearse Crusader Knights

Practices are already underway for the annual Crusader Knights competition on February 24.
Crusader Knights first began in 1993 as a fundraiser by the senior class. Since then, it has evolved into an annual competition where men are chosen to represent various organizations to compete for the title of Mr. Crusader Knights. Last year, the title was awarded to senior Alex Miller.
Junior education Isaac Felan is directing this year’s competition, along with assistant directors Ben Roark, Daniel Martinez, and Tori Bradburry.
“We’re in charge of deciding what the show’s going to look it…getting all the guys together and making sure they have a good time doing Crusader Knights.”
The 18 contestants will be judged on their interview, unique video, individual spotlight questions, and campus vote.
Felan said that this year’s competition is going to have a few surprises, and that he’s excited about seeing the audience’s reaction.
“I’m not going to spoil anything, but [Crusader Knights] will be a little different this year,” he said. “I’m looking forward to seeing… the smiles and laughs from the crowd as a source of encouragement that change was good and that what me and my assistant directors [changed] was good for Crusader Knights as a whole.”
Felan said that he feels a little weird being a young director.
“Some of them are older than me. It’s weird being in a position of command when I’m one of the youngest in the room, but it’s encouraging that they’re listening to me.”
Junior international business major Jacob Hindman enjoys going to the practices and spending time with the contestants.
“[Practices] are like getting together on a weekend with a bunch of really close friends and sharing stories like everyone was there,” said Hindman, who’s representing Farris Hall.
Junior multimedia and information technologies major Chase Mariott who’s representing the Junior Class said that he’s having fun working with the contestants.
“I feel honored to be representing the junior class and UMHB,” he said. “It’s such a pleasure to get to be a part of this… We all have our own personality and quirks, and everyone just has a good time.”
Be sure to come to Crusader Knights on Feb. 24 at 7 p.m. in Walton Chapel.

Photo by Madeline Oden

Author: Lauren Lum

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