Nursing students present at Houston conference

Five nursing students from UMHB are headed to Houston to present at a health care conference that draws hundreds of health care professionals from around the country.
Nicole Ikefuna, Daniella Llanas, Laryssa Wills, Alaijah Taylor, and Deanna Hopkinson were chosen out of the entire Novice 1 nursing cohort throughout the university to participate in this honor, and have been working hard recently to prepare for their presentation.
“We will be speaking at the TAHCH conference, which is a conference for the Texas Association for Home Care and Hospice,” Nicole Ikefuna said.
The convention takes place at the Westin Hotel in the Houston Galleria. Our presentation will take place on Wednesday, the 15.
Students from UMHB will be presenting at the conference, along with their teacher, Dr. Emerson and her husband, who will present additional information as well.
Although the conference will cover a wide range of topics, the UMHB group will be presenting specifically on religion and how it impacts health care.
Each member has done extensive research on a religion of their choosing and will present that information individually.
“We will be presenting on religious diversity in relation to end-of-life care practices for hospice care,” Ikefuna said.
“Health care professionals will be attending this conference, including hospice care providers and home health nurses.
We’ve prepared for this project by doing research and making sure that all of our information was accurate.
We have also spent a lot of time as a group, as well as individually practicing to make sure we can get our point across in the best way possible,” Ikafuna said.
It was a lengthy process in getting chosen to present at such a large and notable conference and these young women know that it is an experience of a lifetime.
“The process for being chosen to present at this conference began with our whole nursing cohort being divided up into groups of five people of creating and submmitind a presentation for our teacher.
“Our teacher then chose the top two presentations out of each class and we had to present in front of a panel, where they then chose the winning group.”
For Ikefuna, this experience is one that she hopes will further her evolution into a professional nurse, but she also wants to gain a clearer picture regarding the field of nursing she plans to pursue in the future.
“I think that this experience will give me an opportunity to explore a side of nursing that I have always wanted to do, which is public health nursing,” she said.
“I am very interested in that field of nursing. I think it will also help me to grow more as a nursing student in realizing that the things that we are learning and practicing impacts patients’ lives on a daily basis.
I hope to gain confidence in my skill set as a nursing student and also clarity in whether public health nursing is something that I want to pursue.”

Author: Geri Wissink

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