Cru celebrates Friendsgiving

From Friendsgiving 2016, a group of Crusaders all gathered together to celebrate the holiday season.

Thanksgiving, a time of year where turkeys are gobbling and the end of the fall semester is slowly approaching. Across campus, the leaves are changing colors, from Texas brown to fall yellow, and plans are being made for Friendsgiving, an annual tradition for friends to get together and celebrate the holiday.
Friendsgiving has been an ongoing tradition for years, and has become vastly popular amongst friend groups on campus. The event gives friends a chance to celebrate their friendships. During this event, there is also an abundance of food. Because it takes place in an apartment or dorm, it usually doesn’t include a full-blown turkey dinner, but a more college-friendly feast.
Some ideas for such a feast could include: individuals bringing a different fast food item, everyone bringing a homemade dish, or turkey sandwiches with various thanksgiving-themed foods.
“I didn’t know Friendsgiving was a thing until I came to College.” said Annah Jane Paschall, junior art education major. “Friendsgiving to me has been so fun because it brings a group of people together and helps us all really get into the holiday spirit and focus on the things we are thankful for. It also helps us all slow down in our busy schedules and focus on the present moment. My tip would be invite people to your friendsgiving that you enjoy spending time with. Allow yourself to soak up that time and not worry about anything else going on.”
Thanksgiving classics such as games and communion are welcome at friendsgiving events. Often, the gathering includes not only time for food and friends, but a time to break away from the stresses of the semester.
Some fun ways to prepare for friendsgiving could include decorating and getting the apartment (or dorm) ready for guests. Some easy and fun ways to do this would be decorative place settings, signs that are photo op ready, and putting lots of disposable cameras around for your friends to snap shots all evening.
“Last year, me and my friends had a Friendsgiving, and I told my friends about it. We’re looking forward to doing one this year,” said freshman nursing major Valeria Ortiz. “Obviously, it’s going to be different because we’re in dorms. But we all decided that we wanted to de-stress. This semester has been tougher than we thought it would be. My friends and I are all planning on bringing a bunch of junk food and setting up some chairs. We’ll probably play Cards Against Humanity. It’s going to be so much fun and I’m so excited.”
Kick off this holiday season in style by hosting a Friendsgiving, or attending one. With a few simple decorations, an easy menu and good friends this holiday season could be full of good times.

Author: Jasmin Ortiz

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