Should Christmas be celebrated early?

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Let’s be honest, with the upcoming holiday seasons, some can get a bit sensitive over the holidays. Some like to begin their celebration as early as possible, while others seem to be offended if Christmas decorations go up one second before Thanksgiving. Here’s the thing – I am unapologetic about watching my Christmas movies the day after Halloween, and I’m not afraid to say it. Here’s why.
To begin, let me say that Christmas is very much my favorite holiday. From the tinsel on the tree to Mariah Carey singing about what she wants for Christmas, this holiday makes me, quite frankly, jolly. That being said, why would I wait until a small three week time frame in which it is socially acceptable to begin celebrating the holiday festivities? My short answer is – I won’t!
Christmas is a time where joy and giving is abundant, if not encouraged. By beginning the festivities early, or before Thanksgiving, these qualities can be enforced before the holiday season, encouraging others to be kind and giving for more than a small window of time. With that in mind, who could deny that Christmas-related music and otherwise should not be brought out as early as possible?
Christmas also brings a sense of nostalgia and comfort. It brings back memories often relating to such things as family and friends. Certain memories can be attached to various Christmas articles. For me, it’s Christmas movies.
One of my favorite Christmas traditions is Christmas Eve. My family would gather together on Christmas Eve and binge watch as many classic Christmas themed movies as possible.
These movies ranged from live action films such as How the Grinch Stole Christmas and Elf, to even older classics such as It’s a Wonderful Life. For me, watching these movies as soon as Halloween is over lets me reminisce of the past, and excites me for the next family shin dig. Why should this be halted? In what ways does this affect those who claim holiday music should be limited to such a short time span – three weeks before Christmas?
To those claiming that Christmas enthusiasts like me simply skip straight from Halloween to Christmas and forget Thanksgiving, I hear you. The thing is, prepping for Christmas only amplifies my excitement for Thanksgiving. Once that turkey’s made and starts popping up on shelves and the feasts begin, it’s only a small gap until the big day from there. So, I’d like to counter argue that not only do I not forget the holiday, but also highly anticipate it. I highly anticipate it while listening to my Christmas music.
With the end of the fall semester blowing in, the leaves changing color, and the passing of Halloween, I would like to stand for early Christmas celebration. And with that, I hope all have a holly jolly holiday season.

Author: Jasmin Ortiz

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