Climate change: it affects you

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It’s a topic that has shown up more and more in the news with each passing day. For some people, climate change affects many different decisions in their everyday life. For others, climate change is something that was “made up by the government.” It’s a topic that many people don’t understand. It’s a topic that literally affects the world. It’s a topic that affects humanity in the present and the future.
In March, the New York Times published an article called “How Americans Think About Climate Change, in Six Maps.” Ultimately, these maps offer useful data to support the idea that America needs to be more concerned about climate change.
For instance, one of these maps compares how many Americans think that climate change will harm people living in the United States with how many people think that they will be personally harmed by climate change. On average, 65 percent of people do understand that climate change will negatively impact people in the United States. However, under 30 percent of people believe that they will personally by harmed by climate change. This goes to show that there is some concern about climate change, but there isn’t enough. Most people are living in a state of mind where they don’t think that anything bad can happen to them. It’s almost like they believe that they are immortal. This is not the state of mind that people need to be in when it comes to climate change. They need to realize that their choices today could affect them later in life, as well as change the world that their children and grandchildren live in.
Texas and Florida are two states that are most vulnerable to climate change. But in these states, only around 57 percent of people are somewhat worried about climate change. So even though people are given the information, they choose not to believe it.
According to NASA, climate change can have some pretty harmful impacts on humans. One of the most significant impacts is the long lasting drought, especially in the southwestern part of the United States. With a long term drought, jobs and food are both impacted. If there is too much of a drought, the farming industry will hurt. The farmers will then be out of work. Also, the food source in America will be compromised because of the drought.
People need to know more about what they can do to help stop climate change. There are simple things such as recycling and carpooling that will reduce the impact that a person has on the environment. There are more advanced measures that can also be taken such as installing solar panels or buying a hybrid or electric car.
Climate change is a real thing and is becoming a greater threat every single day. Yet people aren’t worried about it. People need to be more concerned about climate change. If significant changes do not occur within the next few years, the world that we know today will be very different. Climate change needs to stop, but it cannot stop unless people become more concerned about it.

Author: Katrina Wordell

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