Stunt Night Preview: Classes prepare for this year’s Stunt Night featuring Crutoons

Stunt Night is a tradition that has been a part of the university for 107 years. Every year, directors lead each class in performing a skit in front of a live audience, where two winners are selected – the audience’s pick and the judge’s.
This year’s theme is CruToons where underclassmen and upperclassmen will take the stage and perform skits based on classic cartoons. The freshmen will be doing their play based on the square-shaped cartoon SpongeBob, sophomores will create a skit featuring the characters from The Fairly Odd Parents, juniors will pretend to be The Flintstones, and seniors will act base their performance on Scooby-Doo. These classic characters will come to life Oct. 19 and 20 in Walton Chapel at 7:00 pm.
This is freshman business major Eunice Michaelson’s first year as director for her class.
“Just to sum up our plot a little bit, this is where we dive deep into the world of Bikini Bottom,” Michaelson said. “SpongeBob and his friends are there and we see Sandy on the scene and she is devastated because she misses her home – the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor.The plotline is SpongeBob’s trying really hard to cheer Sandy up because she’s having a really bad day. In the end, we’ll see if his efforts work or not.”
Michaelson has high hopes for the freshman class, as the whole group is determined to win. Every freshman is bringing their unique talents to the table.
“Every person that I’ve met here is so awesome,” Michaelson said. “And seeing them come together and working towards a common goal brings each other closer because there’s competition involved too. We want to win.”
Junior multimedia and information technologies major Chase Mariott has enjoyed his time as a director for the junior class.
“My favorite part about being the director for the junior class is just getting to hang out with our cast and my co-director,” The junior said that “Every practice is tons of fun and full of laughter.”
“Our theme for the juniors is the Flintstones. So, we are all there, but the main focus is on the kids, Pebbles and Bam-Bam, and their transition from home to UMHB. There’s also some hidden chemistry between Bam-Bam and Pebbles,” Mariott said.
This year’s classes are hoping to entertain a wide variety of audiences as nostalgia comes to the stage during Stunt Night.

Author: Sarah Ifft

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