Nurses Christian Fellowship

Nurses Christian Fellowship is a student organization on campus that is available to nursing students who are looking for a way to get involved and take a break from the crazy hectic life of being in nursing school to spread the love of Jesus throughout campus and in the local community.
“We are an organization that just wants to share the love of Christ and encourage each and every one of you,” Senior nursing student and president of the Nurses Christian Fellowship Keyarius Johnson said during the first NCF meeting of the year.
“We are a very team driven organization. We work together, we don’t leave anyone behind.”
Bethany Whately, historian of NCF, takes pride in her position as a board member and wants to share her love of the organization with other nursing students.
“We are little people that just love Jesus,” Senior nursing student and NCF historian Bethany Whatley said.
“However, we are all graduating this semester, so if you want to be a part of something, help encourage others and want to be a part of the board, let us know. “We need people to take our spots.”
NCF aims to create a sense of a community among students during their journey through nursing school by supporting and encouraging one another always and lifting each other up through the whirlwind of it all.
“In the past, we have had devotions where we get up in the morning, feed you guys breakfast and pray and have worship before any major exams,” Johnson said.
“We know that after a long week of studying, sometimes the nerves just get the best of us so we just try to make sure you guys are relaxed and confident and just able to go in there knowing that you can do all things through Christ.”
In addition to loving one another, NCF also shares the love of Jesus Christ with members of the Belton and Temple community through service.
After the devastating hurricane that left many people homeless in Houston this fall, NCF sprung into action to create donation box for those that were taking shelter at the Bell County Expo Center.
This is just one example of the many opportunities that NCF provides students with.
“We have volunteer opportunities throughout the semester that we will let you guys know about how you all can participate in. We are trying to partner with Temple ISD this semester to try to get kind of a big sister/big brother club going to where we can volunteer with kids on the weekend and bring them to Cru football games and stuff like that.
We also are going to be volunteer with local places such as Churches Touching Lives for Christ and places like that. We are also hoping to get a fundraiser going at Chipotle sometime soon.”
Since NCF is comprised of nursing students, the organization is also able to use their skills and talents as nurses to be the hands and feet of Jesus through events such as free health screenings and community education.
“Last year, we went to Churches Touching Lives for Christ and had a blood pressure screening available for everybody,” Johnson said. “We also provided education to those that had high blood pressure about what they needed to do, such as going to see their primary care provider and some lifestyle changes they could make to help lower it like diet and exercise. We definitely would like to do something like that again in the future.”
Johnson, who is in her final semester of nursing school and well on her way to graduating this fall, has some encouraging advice for fellow nursing students to show them that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.
“All five of us on the board are graduating this semester, so that should give everyone some hope that you can make it. You can do it. Just pray, study, sleep, repeat,” Johnson said.

Author: Geri Wissink

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