Intramural sports give students opportunity to exercise, make friends

For students looking for a great way to relieve some stress and have a great time, intramural sports might be the perfect fit. Offering a variety of sports in both the fall and spring semesters, intramurals give students the chance to connect with fellow students and get involved. This opportunity is available for everyone, whether you are a retired athlete, or just someone looking to join a competitive activity.
There are currently four intramural sports being offered this fall, including Men’s and Co-Rec Flag Football, 4 vs. 4 Sand Volleyball, Outdoor Soccer, and Indoor Volleyball. Although the flag football and sand volleyball seasons are already in session, students can still register for Co-Rec Indoor Volleyball through midnight on Oct. 18 and outdoor soccer through midnight on Oct. 19.
“The best way to get involved is to create an IMLeagues account online,” said Director of Campus Recreation Sue Weaver. “You can access this on the intramural & rec sports page of the Campus Rec webpage This account will allow you to receive announcements about upcoming deadlines, create teams, join teams and see the semester schedule.”
Students can create their own teams with like-minded friends who are interested in playing, or they can ask to join a team online as a ‘free agent.’
“This does not ensure you will be put on a team, but captains can look at the free agent list and invite you to their team if they want.”
Intramurals are different from other school-related activities and organizations because they allow students to get involved without all of the responsibilities and time commitments.
“Teams will play one to two games per week. Most teams don’t really have formal practice times. The only equipment students might want to provide for themselves is a pair of non-metal cleats. We also don’t provide gloves to everyone who plays softball in the spring. However we sometimes have a few extra for people to use.”
It is important for students interested in playing on an intramural team, and even those already on a team, to read the rules and regulations hand guide in order to maintain a safe and fun experience for everyone.
“Students can find the manual on the campus recreation website,” Weaver said. “We also host a captain’s meeting for each sport. At that meeting we go over any sport specific rules or changes, sportsmanship, and eligibility guidelines.”
Any current UMHB undergrad, or those attending for a graduate or doctoral degree, and UMHB faculty and staff are all eligible to play. However, there are some other eligibility requirements concerning NCAA athletes playing in their same sport.
Weaver said there are so many reasons to join an intramural team, from the fun and friendships to getting regular exercise.
“It’s a good excuse to get out of your room and take a study break,” Weaver said. “It’s a great way to meet people and learn how to get along with people of diverse backgrounds and personalities. We have even had couples who met on the intramural field and end up getting married.”

Author: Geri Wissink

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