Big chain vs Local beanery – which is better?

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While getting coffee with some friends, I noticed there were advocates for both the global chains and the local establishments.
I wanted to take a deeper look into what decisions we all have to make before deciding which coffee place to choose.
Whether we are visiting the world’s largest coffee brand or a local beanery, it is safe to say everyone has their own unique opinion.
Starbucks, for example, is a well-known brand with almost 24,000 locations around the globe.
The coffee chain is clearly a contender for best coffee shop no matter the location.
But if you’re looking for a great local beanery, you can’t forget about an equally important contender, Arusha’s Coffee and Tea.
First impressions mean everything to a newcomer.
Returning customers will always come back for the experience and atmosphere.
Customers know what to expect from Starbucks – free high-speed internet and Wi-Fi. Most Starbucks work at a very fast-pace, making personal interactions unlikely.
Some customers would even argue Starbucks is losing its edge because of how commonly they are found.
Arusha’s is a stylish coffee house serving beverages in an inviting space.
They offer something unique to the general public in order to keep guests circulating in and out. “Arusha’s is a one-of-a-kind coffee shop,” said former Arusha’s employee Emily Maulding. “Their extensive menu has something for everybody. They connect well with their community.”
First comes the aroma of coffee, but then, the moment of truth – the taste.
Starbucks sources, roasts, and delivers the highest quality coffee in the world.
They aim for a consistent blend with every visit.
They follow strict measurements with certain ingredients on a regular basis.
“It’s exactly the same no matter where I travel in the world,” said Starbucks enthusiast Erin Atchley. “I ordered my usual when I traveled to Barcelona, Spain and it tasted exactly the same as it had in the states.”
Before stepping foot into a local coffee shop, customers can expect paying anywhere from $3.50-$5.00 for a drink.
Contrary to popular belief, Starbucks charges similar prices.
The difference comes into play when the same dollar amount goes back to the community rather than the global scope. The ability to use Cru Cash as a student is also an advantage.
I come from a huge city where global chains overshadow local businesses.
Now that I live in a small town for college, I am surrounded by lots of small businesses.
So, I almost feel obligated to try every little establishment until I have conquered them all.
However, I will confess I give in to the global establishment more often than I should.
Maybe one day I can find a healthy balance between both, but until then, fingers crossed.

Author: Sophia Vieyra

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