Cru volleyball starts 2017 season undefeated, 8-0

Volleyball season is back in full swing and the Cru has already made their mark, sweeping away the competition.
The Cru went 4-0 at the UMHB 2017 Invitational and now has a record of 8-0.

Junior outside hitter Laryssa Wills, center, plays sold defense against UMass Boston on Saturday, Sept. 2 at Mayborn Campus Center, in Belton, Texas.

After going an impressive 20-11 in the 2016 season, the Cru is ready to come back even stronger this year.
“We are proud of how things went in our opening tournament, but we know we have a lot of work to do to reach our best play this season,” said head coach Rob Frost. “This group is very good and we are working hard to be our best.”
Although it’s very early in the season, Frost and the rest of the team have set the bar high as to what they want to accomplish this season and are determined to make it happen.
“Our focus is to be our best selves on and off the court,” Frost said. “Every year we want to win the ASC conference tournament or get a bid and be in the NCAA national tournament. Ultimately, we want to win a national championship.”
In order to achieve their goals for the season, the girls have been pushing themselves on the court and beyond, even throughout the offseason.
Frost and the team know there are many areas they will have to continue to work on, but they are prepared to do whatever it takes to get to the place they want to be.
“We worked hard through our spring season. Over the summer they had certain goals and things to work on in the weight room and on the court,” Frost said. “It is a year round process.”
The team voted senior Natasha Evans and junior Sarah Paolini as captains to lead them to what will hopefully be a successful season.
“They are both skilled at their role on the court, and they are hard workers with great character,” Frost said. “We rely on every player doing her job well. It is a very selfless environment.”
Although this season has just begun, Frost knows there is something special about this group of girls.
“We have a young starting lineup learning a lot and growing in about every area of the game,” he said. “However, the group of young women we have this year are great people, a lot of fun to be around and hard workers. UMHB attracts great people across campus.”
Frost isn’t the only one excited and optimistic about beginning a new season, the players also have high hopes about what is to come.
“I expect great things for this season,” junior outside hitter Laryssa Wills said. “We are set on winning conference and being able to play in the national tournament. I think adapting to newly recruited players and creating an effective team is a struggle we will face.
As we move in the season, I believe that we will overcome the adjustments and find chemistry on the court.”
To these girls, volleyball is much more than just a game. It’s an opportunity to use their gift and love of the game to glorify God, on and off the court.
“I really enjoy how spiritually focused we are,” Wills said.
“We pray as a team and I think that really solidifies why we are here, to play for the Lord with the talent he has blessed us with.”

Author: Geri Wissink

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