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Looking for the best donuts in town? DONUT give up yet! Located at 2805 N Loop 121, Daylight Donuts is giving other local donut shops a run for their money.
With donut prices ranging from $0.82 -$14, the value is unbeatable. Soft, sweet, and reasonably priced, these donuts are fantastic.
“We come in most mornings,” said local high school students Riley and Garrison. “The apple fritter is so good, and so are the bear claw and strawberry filled. And the glazed are just really good. The donuts and the people here are so friendly.”
Not only are the donuts divine, the staff is sweet and down to earth. They take the time to individually greet each customer to their store. Stepping into Daylight Donuts was a delight all around.
Leo Camden, partner and owner of the store, spoke highly of the company.
“We fell in love with Daylight because the product is so good. The company is about as fair and good as you could ask for. Everything’s fresh, everything’s made. Two weeks ago when Hurricane Harvey evacuees were here in town, we were feeding a lot of those evacuees, donating donuts and things.
I called corporate and told them ‘we’re feeding these guys’ and they said ‘well we’re sending you a truckload of donut mix.’ Just a great company.”
While there, try out the glazed donut. It’s simple and savory, with each bite seeming more sweet and easy to bite into than the last.
It is easy to tell these donuts are crafted fresh each morning for their customers’ delight.
When asked which donut was his favorite, Camden found it hard to choose.
“All of them, but the sour cream old- fashioned is amazing.”
Camden and his business partnerJeremy Jimenez are excited to be so near UMHB. They both grew up in the area so they are familiar with the CRU family.
“We’re getting a ton of customers from UMHB. The football team has been hitting us pretty hard the past few days,” Camden said. “One of the coaches came in this morning and said ‘I’m buying some more for the guys,’ and so we’re excited. In between classes we’ll get some students come in here and they’ll hang out and enjoy a donut.”
With savory menu items, friendly staff, and good prices Daylight Donuts is a quick and tasty treat for those in the UMHB and Belton community.

Customers can watch fresh donuts being made at Daylight Donuts on N. Loop 121.

Author: Jasmin Ortiz

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