QB Josey: season-ready

UMHB quarterback TJ Josey in the weight room at Anderson Field House on campus in Belton, Texas, on Sept. 6, 2017. Bells photo by Jonathan Fish.

A good quarterback is the glue that holds a football team together. He sets the tone of the entire game, orchestrating drives for the offense and giving the defense key minutes of rest between possessions. He is the face of his team, and despite his crucial role in gameplay, he is first and foremost a leader.

To nobody is this more apparent than junior TJ Josey, who is starting his first year at quarterback for the Cru.

“The most important thing to me is being the very best leader I can be,” Josey said. “It’s my job to put the team into a position where we can win. The goal is to be 1-0 every week.”

For a player relatively new at the position – Josey was a quarterback in high school, but has predominately played wide receiver for UMHB – he is quickly developing the traits required to bring him and the team success. Head coach Pete Fredenburg feels confident in Josey, and expects excellence from him all season.

“[Josey] really went to work on his leadership,” Fredenburg said. “He has really embraced his new role, and he gets a little better every day. I look forward to seeing him develop as the leader of our offense.”

Josey’s ability to lead by example impresses his teammates daily, as does his energy and willingness to communicate.

“He keeps everybody hyped and full of energy,” freshman offensive lineman Azaviar Carter said. “He values communication, and holds himself and his teammates to very high standards.”

Freshman defensive end/tight end Jaeron Minnieweather echoes Carter’s sentiment.

“When he gets going, it really motivates the whole team,” Minnieweather said.

Not only is Josey a capable helmsman for the UMHB squad, but he is also a fantastic athlete. His natural athleticism, high football I.Q., and knack for seeing opportunities to scramble up-field all combine to make him a deadly dual-threat quarterback.

“He’s very good at running the ball,” Coach Fredenburg said. “When he runs the option, he’s absolutely lethal.”

Sophomore offensive lineman Noah Stebens admires Josey’s playmaking ability.

“He’s very smart and can think on his feet,” Stebens said. “He communicates well in in-game situations, and when the time comes to make a choice, TJ is decisive and committed. He does an especially good job with calling audibles and keeping the offense moving.”

So often, such talent comes packaged with arrogance, but despite his abundance of skill, Josey is humble and down-to-Earth. He is polite and soft-spoken, and according to Coach Fredenburg, a pleasure to coach.

“He’s extremely coachable,” Fredenburg said. “He’s a great team player and is always ready to work.”

Although Josey does not necessarily enjoy being the center of attention, he appreciates the opportunity to lead others to victory.

“It’s been great developing chemistry with my teammates,” Josey said.  “But at the end of the day, it’s about going out and getting the win.”

TJ Josey seems well equipped to take the Cru the distance, and when asked about the team’s goal for the season, he was succinct.


UMHB quarterback TJ Josey in the weight room at Anderson Field House on campus in Belton, Texas, on Sept. 6, 2017. Bells photo by Jonathan Fish.


Author: Jonathan Fish

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