Unique summer internships provide students with meaningful experiences

For many, summer is a time to relax, hang out with friends, and perhaps most importantly, have a job to pay for college or gain experience for future employment.
Internships are a great way to gain insight about the world and showcase skills that are needed in various places.
They can also help you understand more about your intended major and prepare you for a fulfilling career.
Numerous students at the university had the opportunity this summer to use their talents to serve God by being interns.
Jordyn Brinkman, a sophomore interdisciplinary major, knows this firsthand.
“My internship this summer was at a church. The Lakeway church to be specific,” she said. “While there, I worked in the children’s ministry department.”
Brinkman had a variety of duties, such as prepping and working for Vacation Bible School, leading a group of kids at a four-day camp in Denton, Texas called Camp Kid Jam, and planning and organizing events for the department.
The work was rewarding because of the relationships she made with her co-workers and the children at the church.
“I just really enjoyed being in the presence of children throughout the summer. In the future, I want to be a teacher, so children are my passion.” Brinkman said.
Not only did she form relationships, but she also grew as an individual, preparing her for the road to becoming a teacher and leader.
“I felt like I improved on patience the most. Children, although brilliant, really know how to test you sometimes,” Brinkman said. “I think that the most valuable thing I learned this summer was leadership as well as being a team player.”
“There were three other interns that I worked with this summer who taught me how to communicate and work together to achieve the same goal. The kids pushed me to step out of my comfort zone and lead them not only in their daily activities, but also in their walk with God.”
Samuel Kinnin, a junior Christian studies/public relations major, had a gratifying internship experience as well.
He worked with Impact Student Ministries, a national Pentecostal organization that helps children grow in their walk with Christ.
“I went to church camps with a team to speak, lead games, and sometimes served as a counselor.” Kinnin said. “I also was constantly posting on social media and created a blog to share the internship with people all over the world.”
Kinnin was able to spread God’s Word to many people, as he traveled to six states and met with individuals who needed to hear about Jesus’ love.
“God worked wonders in the lives of so many,” Kinnin said. “Being able to pray for them was definitely a highlight. I was blown away by what these kids dealt with like depression, suicidal thoughts, divorce, etc. But God’s love is greater than all those things.”
Not all internships take place in America, though.Sometimes, there is a calling that leads someone outside the United States, such as Emily Maulding, a senior English major.
She traveled to China through the Maryknoll China Teaching Program, where she was able to lead students at Jilin Medical University by teaching them English for three weeks.
She was able to do this because the university’s English department provided her with course credit.
“During this trip, I learned about myself, my faith, and my career goals.” Maulding said.
“I met people from all around the world and learned the challenges and triumphs of teaching ESL abroad. I am incredibly grateful to attend a university that encourages its students to spread the Gospel through global education.”
Internships, regardless of job location, can take a student on a journey through their faith and allow them to grow in their professional skills.
In addition, internships are another way to spread the Good News and touch people’s hearts.

Author: Sarah Ifft

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