Cru Crunch: The best eats and treats around Belton

Of all the adjustments that come with moving to a new place, finding great places to eat out is one of the most important things to college students on the go. For instance, those coming from big cities to small town Belton may have a difficult time adjusting to the limited restaurants that are available. As a result, when faced with the choice of attempting to find a tasty local eatery or simply sticking to fast food, many decide it’s simply easier to stick to fast food options.
But I didn’t want to be stuck with just a few restaurants, so with a little curiosity and some help from handy resources such as Yelp and Google reviews, I developed my own list of foodie favorites. It’s called “Cru Crunch” and I hope it will inspire students to eat local and explore their new home town.

1. Los Compadres Street Tacos
Food Style: Street Tacos, Authentic Mexican food
Price Range: $2-$8
Location: 1228 N Main St, Belton
Seating: Lighted outdoor picnic-style seating
Something to try: The street taco special, which comes with five corn tortilla tacos and a drink, for $7. Its filling and absolutely worth the visit.
Taste: The food here is well priced and authentic Mexican food. Servers are prompt, and these savory treats can be taken to-go or eaten under a small canopy.
Rating: 4.5/5

2. Black Megs
Food Style: Burger Joint
Price Range: $1-$7
Location: 572 E Central Texas Expwy, Harker Heights
Seating: Dine-in only
Something to try: The Cowboy is sure to leave all southern comfort food lovers full and satisfied. The burger comes with an onion ring and barbeque sauce. It leaves you craving more for weeks.
Taste: Savory, juicy, mouth-watering. With a wide variety of menu options, the possibilities of taste-bud approving meals are endless.
Rating: 4.5/5

3. Saigon Café
Food Style: Mix of Asian Cuisine
Price Range: $2-$14
Seating: Dine-in
Location: 220 SW H K Dodgen Loop, Temple
Something to try: A bowl of Pho, Vietnamese soup, is served fresh here for $7. On cold days, this is a good place to warm up and enjoy the atmosphere.
Taste: Filling, flavorful, and always satisfying. Saigon Café never lets your taste buds down. This spot is definitely worth the drive.
Rating: 4/5

4. Krab Kingz
Food Style: Seafood, Crawfish Boil
Price Range: $2-$25
Location: 1518 S Ft Hood St, Killeen
Seating: To-go only
Something to try: The Krab Kingz Large Shrimp Tray comes with 15 shrimp, one sausage, and three sides. Because you get big flavor and a lot with your meal the combo is well-priced at $17.
Taste: The food here is pricey, but for seafood lovers it is something dreams are made of. The meals are large and flavorful and offer a variety of seafood dishes.
Rating: 3.5/5

5. Fry’s Restaurant
Food Style: Southern Comfort
Price Range: $1-15
Location: 802 S Main St, Belton
Seating: Dine-in
Something to try: Fry’s home-style pancakes are some for the history books. They come in stacks of three and range in flavors from plain to pecan for only $6.50. They are sure to please both you and your wallet.
Taste: Southern comfort food is definitely a fan favorite in Texas, and in Belton, Fry’s is doing it and doing it right. Plentiful and savory, this is a spot all should check out while in town.
Rating: 4/5

Author: Jasmin Ortiz

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