What I learned as a freshman

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Oh, Freshmen year. It is a time of adjustment, growth and new beginnings. It is when a person is completely confused about what is happening, but has a blast anyway. Freshmen year is two semesters of struggles and immeasurable joy. With all the lessons I have learned these past nine months, 18 stick out. Here are the top lessons I have learned while being at the bottom of the college food chain.

1.“Meyer” does not refer to the Isabelle Rutherford-Meyer Nursing building.
If you go to the nursing building for your 8 a.m. New Testament class, you will be thoroughly embarrassed.

2.Make a friend who knows how to open a mail box. Those locks are tricky, man.

3. Do not be afraid to go to a meeting on campus by yourself. Put yourself out there and meet someone new.

4. T-shirt giveaways are INTENSE. Turn on Twitter notifications and be ready to run.
Fist fights are discouraged but not out of the question if a Play Day tank is involved.

5.If you see a car parked and running at night but the headlights are off—do not look in. They are probably making out.

6.That orange powder from the grass on your shoes is pollen, not Dorito cheese.

7.Spend time alone.
Intentionally set aside time to go to the lake or Arusha’s by yourself. Recharge and enjoy.

8.If Olivia is grilling in Bawcom, get your booty over there.

9.Do. Not. Pull. Through. Campus Police can sense a change in the force and they will find you.

10.FOMO (fear of missing out) is real. Very real. You have to learn that you simply cannot attend every adventure your friends have.

11.Your faith will officially become your own freshman year.
What you believe and how you choose to live it out is up to you. Take this newfound freedom seriously.

12.Put your phone down.

13.Put your phone down.

14.Put your phone down.

15.Though it may not look like it, everyone is struggling somehow.
Never feel isolated in your pain or confusion. We all have baggage and we all need a savior.

16.Go check-out a children’s book from the library and read a friend a bedtime story.
I personally suggest the Berenstein Bears.

17.Take advantage of our beautifully luscious grass. Walk barefoot and enjoy the sunshine.

18.Spend every day thanking Jesus that you are a Crusader.

Author: Aslan Murphy

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