Cru Culture: Prep for the upcoming finals frenzy

It’s that time of year again – the time where students frantically search for their notes, study all night for that one hard class, and buy a lot of scantrons.
Finals week is coming up. Just the thought of it might make give stomach butterflies.
But there is no need to worry. Follow these steps and you will feel much better. Most importantly, you will be prepared for your tests.

1.Make a schedule
Planning out when and what you are going to study will help keep you on track. By sticking to the study plan you made, you will eliminate the chance of forgetting what you need to review.
Make sure you don’t overwork yourself. Study a little bit each and every day.

2.Use flashcards
Flashcards are a great way to study. If you don’t have any flashcards, Quizlet is a great source to use. You can listen to your notes and play games that help you learn terms and definitions.

3.Start early
Don’t wait until the last minute to study. Start looking over your notes at least two weeks before your test.
It is wise to start studying early so you don’t have to pull an all-nighter and worry about not understanding a concept.

4.Go to tutoring
If you need more help understanding certain material in a subject, tutoring is a great place to start. Tutoring is free for students at the university, so there is no reason not to go get extra help.
You can schedule an appointment online or walk in to see if there is a tutor to help you.

5.Be healthy
Being healthy means getting plenty of sleep (8-10 hours each night), eating nutritious foods, and drinking plenty of water.
These steps will help you stay happier and more alert, and ready to take on the day’s tasks.

Author: Sarah Ifft

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