Cru Crunch: Desserts to satisfy your sweet tooth in the Belton area

1. Sweet Confections Cafe
Price Range: $1.50-$27
Cru Cash accepted: No
Location: 2449 N Main St., Belton
Seating: Indoor, Sit-down
Something to try: Try one of the various flavors of cake balls. Buy one at $1.50, or a dozen for $15.
Taste: This is a sweet stop for those looking for a quick sweet tooth fix, and it is conveniently close to campus.
Rating: 3.5/5

2. Smallcakes Cupcake & Creamery
Price Range: $3.50-$78
Cru Cash accepted: No
Location: 6102 W Adams Ave., Temple
Something to try: A regular-sized Choco-holic is every chocolate lover’s dream. It is a cupcake topped with chocolate buttercream and chocolate sprinkles, that costs $3.75 per cupcake
Seating: Indoor, Sit down
Taste: Sweet and filling, the desserts from Smallcakes are sure to leave your tummy full (if you’re willing to leave your wallet empty).
Rating: 3.5/5

3. La Unica Michoacana Smoothies
Price Range: $2-$10
Cru Cash accepted: No
Location: 817 E. 6th Ave., Belton
Something to try: Looking for something sweet with a kick? The Mangonada, a traditional latin dessert, is served here with a straw and spoon for only $4.00.
Seating: Outdoor, Picnic-style seating
Taste: With a wide variety of menu options, there is something sure to please everyone. Latin food lovers are sure to be pleased with these traditional options. They are all sweet and overabundant in portion size.
Rating: 4/5

4. Weigh Station Yogurt
Price Range: Varies
Cru Cash accepted: No
Location: 219 S East St, Belton
Seating: Dine-in only
Something to try: With various flavors of yogurt to choose from and a toppings bar, you can make your favorite combination here. I personally prefer the vanilla yogurt with fresh strawberries and cherries. It’s a sweet treat without a lot of calories. It is sure to please.
Taste: Appealing to our independence, the do-it-yourself nature of this shop is sure to please with its always fresh and sweet yogurt.
Rating: 3.5/5

Author: Jasmin Ortiz

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