Bible journaling- a great way to strengthen faith

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Published in the April 26, 2017 issue of The Bells

Do you yearn to delve deeper into the Word of God?  Recently, a friend showed me various drawings she’d made based on scripture, and since then I’ve been hooked. Bible journaling, sometimes known as Illustrated Faith, is a great way to interact with God’s Word in a different way. Here are my tips for Bible journaling:

1.What do I journal in?
You can begin Bible journaling in a spiral notebook, on loose-leaf sheets of notebook paper, in a regular Bible, or you can buy a specific Bible made for journaling.
These Bibles are made with blank space in the margins that are wide enough to draw pictures.  Check out some examples of journaling bibles at
I would recommend using something different than your main study Bible for Bible journaling because sometimes your pictures may cover the text, which might make it hard to read your Bible in the future.

2.Where do I begin?
You have your Bible journal. Now what? Read the Word. Does a specific verse stick out to you? Then draw a picture or maybe write the scripture in fancy text.
Here’s an example: Matthew 28:19 states, “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost.”
To make a Bible journal entry for this verse, I might draw a map of the world and color it. If you’re not an artist, that’s okay.  It’s your own way to connect with God. Just be creative and have fun.  When you’re first beginning, you might make mistakes, but that’s one thing that makes Bible journaling fun. No two drawings are the same.

3.What materials do I use?
I always begin with pencil because I make mistakes all the time. Don’t be afraid to use the whole page. Or just use the margins. It’s up to you. Once you have your picture drawn out, then it’s time to experiment.

I enjoy using black pen (for outlining the drawing), crayons, map pencils, oil pastels, and water colors. Be forewarned, watercolors give a whole new dimension to your drawings, but they are very hard to use without bleeding through to the next page. You can also use scrap- book supplies such as stickers, stamps, colored paper, and washi tape. sells Bible journaling supplies, like paper cutouts, clear stamp and journaling Bibles.
4.What if I don’t have any ideas on what to draw?
Pinterest is full of Bible journaling ideas that other journalists have done in the past.  I get most of my ideas from Pinterest, and I just tweak them a little to make them my own.

Don’t get frustrated. Bible journaling is not an art contest.  It’s a form of worship. It’s a way to have a visual representation of scripture. Bible journaling is supposed to be relaxing, so don’t worry about impressing anyone. Forget the rules and just create.

Author: Lauren Lum

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