Sports Column: Competitive to Intramural Sports

Published in the March 29, 2017 issue of The Bells

Playing competitive sports in high school is not uncommon in the state of Texas. Most students played or watched competitive sports in high school. I myself was an all-around athlete and my main sport was football.
Throughout my last three years of high school I put all my efforts into getting a scholarship to play football in college. God had different plans in mind and I ended up losing and turning down offers to play in college.
Before coming to Mary Hardin-Baylor, I knew about the intramural leagues but had no idea how organized it was. I now play and watch as many intramural sports as I can.

There are several differences and similarities between high school competitive sports and intramural sports in college. First, the main difference is the range in skill level. You have players who have never played sports and those who have played their whole lives. But this isn’t an issue because intramural sports are more about playing for fun and getting together with your friends rather than winning every game.
Another difference is the competitive level. In my opinion, high school competitive sports are more high-energy but also more stressful. Intramural sports might be less-competitive, but they are less stressful and foster friendly competition.
The two types of sports are similar in the way they are organized and the way games are held. Fans can still come out and support their favorite teams and there is a season, playoffs and a championship.
All in all, I believe intramural sports are great for those who want to play sports, but don’t want to play competitively
Intramural sports can be as time consuming as your team wants it to be. Unlike college sports you can practice or just show up to the games without any preparation.

I personally play for the Men’s Volleyball team here at UMHB and I can tell you how stressful each game is and how important it is to practice. As much as I love the court and the stress it comes with, it feels good to play intramurals and know that I can have fun in the sand or on the court and not have to worry about whether my choices will affect the entire team.
If you’re looking for some friendly competition, miss the feel of playing sports, or even just want to try something new, intramural sports are a great place to start.

Author: Christopher Symms

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