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Published in the March 8, 2017 issue of The Bells

Lights, Camera, Action. Cru Film is a student-led organization for students who love being in the limelight or behind-the-scenes of a production.
Cru Film president, senior film studies major Oliver Ortiz, helped charter Cru Films about a year ago.
“We had something similar to it back in the day, but we totally revamped it, and believe it’s going to really help film studies majors in a big way.”
Cru Film is open to all students, no matter their major.
“You don’t have to be a film studies major,” said sophomore journalism and film studies major Peter Zuniga said. “It’s for whoever wants to be a part of making films.”

The organization’s goal is to produce a short-film every semester.
This semester, they’re in the process of filming Boys, a short film written and directed by Ortiz.
“Boys is a script I was writing for fun for about a year, and my professor wanted to use it so I said, ‘alright, let’s do it.’ Then I polished it up and got it film ready.”
Boys will star Caleb Latson, Aaron Midkiff, Thomas Robinson, and Ben Roark as title characters Russell, Philip, James, and Tucker.
“[The film is] set in the 80’s, and is about four boys who are high school friends whose curiosity often gets them into some risky situations,” Ortiz said.
“When they decide to seek adventure outside the comforts of their small hometown, the uncertainty of the real world causes the boys to split, leaving one of the four to continue alone.”

Once the film has been edited, Zuniga said the organization would like to have a viewing party at Grand Avenue Theater.
“We’re still going to figure out how people are going to view it first, and what the event’s going to look like,” Zuniga said.
“It’ll definitely be online everywhere,” he said.
Ortiz says he enjoys Cru Film because students have the opportunity to learn how to work as a team and gain experience in the film industry.
“I enjoy Cru Film because it gives us the opportunity to work with a crew, gain experience, and to create interesting stories that are created by the students.”
Zuniga said that the organization needs students to carry on roles that will be left empty after the end of the spring semester with Ortiz graduating.

“We’re making do with what we have right now, and it’s working, but we would love to have a bigger crew,” he said.
“Oliver’s graduating this semester, so we’re going to need people who want to do video editing and be more involved in post-production.”
If a student would like to join Cru Film, they can contact film studies professor Andru Anderson at or president Oliver Ortiz at

Author: Lauren Lum

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