Men’s volleyball dominates in tournament

Published in the March 8, 2017 issue of The Bells

“Mine,” “Got it” and “Let’s go” are just some simple things you might hear all over the courts of the Men’s Volleyball Club SIVA Crossover match.
After traveling three hours to Spring, TX, the UMHB team took their first steps onto The Edge Sports Complex.
Their performance at their last tournament seeded them well into the Feb. 25 face-off not against LSU. This crossover tournament now consisted of the SIVA’s north and south conferences combined, leaving UMHB to possibly face big D1 schools such as UT, Baylor, Rice and UNT. These are just a few of the major teams the men’s volleyball team had to prepare for.
Struggling to find their ground, they fell short to LSU in the first match, leaving the team at a disadvantage early on.
“The team had some rough spots but it didn’t leave us hopeless,” said team manager and the founder of UMHB men’s volleyball, Aaron Jackson.

He was right. After coming together and rallying up, the team was on their way, flying into the tournament. Halfway through the competition, the team struggled to find a replacement for one of their team members who had to leave suddenly. Not able to find an extra player, the team was forced to play with five members.
Down a player, UMHB began to encourage each other like never before. They were then faced with the task of not only playing without one of their teammates, but also competing against a top-seeded D1 team.

They lost the first set by only four points. It was then that they huddled together and planned a new strategy for their remaining five members.
Things would have to be played out a little differently. Block after block and pass after pass, UMHB pulled away from UT in the second set.
The final set came to determine who would win the match. Other schools gathered around to watch the D3 team face the seemingly impossible challenge. Serves flew, kill shots blocked and passes on point, UMHB was not giving up.

The score got to 11-14, with UMHB holding tightly to their lead. They knew only one more point would win the match. As the ball was up in the air, UT went for one last chance to kill before it was all over. The kill was made and it was called out of bounds, leaving UMHB the victor over UT with only five members.
After that match, UMHB seemed unstoppable. At the end of the day, UMHB came out with their heads held high with a final score of 2-2. Now, they prepare for their next tournament that will take place this month in Dallas.
“Communication is key, and if we work on that and continue to practice like we are, I believe we can achieve anything,” said Nano Concepcion.
Pictured is Eddie Osorio (#13), Aaron Jackson (#15), Curtis Hearne (#11), Nano Concepcion (#16), Chris Symms (#10), Braxton Maul (#6), and Austin Peppers (#13).

Author: Christopher Symms

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