Cru alumnus credits strong faith to UMHB

Published in the March 8, 2017 issue of The Bells

Director of Development Kelly Boggs started his position in 2015, but this isn’t the first time.
Boggs has become a part of the UMHB family.
Boggs became a Crusader for life as a student in 1981 and graduated in 1985.
Boggs double majored in Religion (now known as Christian Studies) and Sociology.
After graduation he attended Southwestern Seminary in Ft. Worth.

Prior to taking his position at UMHB, Boggs spent sixteen years as a pastor.
“I was a pastor of three churches in Central Texas and one near Portland, Oregon.” Boggs said.
He also held the position of the editor of the official news journal of the Louisiana Baptist Convention for nine years.
In addition to that position, Boggs also wrote a weekly column for the Baptist Press for fourteen years.

The university has given Boggs many good memories, but he said that the best memory was the day he met his wife.
“We met during the summer of 1982 when she came to UMHB. Mindy was working in the Business Office located in Sanderford. I was working at a camp in east Texas that summer, but was on campus during a break,” He said, “I came in to say hi to Ms. Betty Bounds, and she introduced me to Mindy, who had just started at UMHB. The current Bursar’s Office is the exact spot where I met my wife. It is holy ground.”
Boggs and his wife have been married for 30 years and have four children, one of whom is working on their masters degree at UMHB.
Boggs feels so blessed for the opportunities that UMHB has given him, and being a student at the university really impacted his life.
“I was a new believer when I came to UMHB,” he said, “The encouragement I received from students, faculty and staff in my walk with Christ had a huge impact on me.”

One of the many people that helped shape him into the person he is was English professor Mary Long.
“Long is the epitome of what I believe a Christian should be. She took time and helped me academically as well as personally. I will be forever grateful that God engineered the circumstances for me to attend UMHB so I could encounter people like Long.”
One of his favorite things about UMHB is the friendships that he was able to make while in school.
These friendships were not just limited to his peers, but to the faculty and staff as well.
“Many of those relationships [made at UMHB] continue to this day,” Boggs said.
There are thousands of UMHB alumni who have come and gone, and Kelly Boggs is proud to be included in that number.
He credits his strong faith and carrer success to his years spent at UMHB.
He is one of the many alumni that have found their way back to campus in Belton, TX.

Author: Katrina Wordell

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