Sports spotlight: Tiffany Wilson

Published in the February 22, 2017 issue of The Bells

Player: Tiffany “Tiff ‘n’ Sniff” Wilson is a freshman shooting guard on the women’s basketball team.

Childhood Aspirations: Before becoming a basketball star, Wilson aspired to be a professional surfer. But she soon realized that was a pipe-dream because she lived in Fort Worth. Nonetheless, she still loves the beach and keeps up with the world’s top surfers.

Basketball Career: Wilson started playing basketball when she was only 6 years old and fell in love with it. She also played volleyball and considered playing it at UMHB too. But, basketball is her true love and she wanted to devote all her energy to it.
Basketball has taught Wilson about confidence, humility, and how to cheer others on.

“I chose to play at UMHB because everyone is so nice, the campus is beautiful, and I love the Christ-centered environment,” Wilson said. “The level of competition and determination my opponents show on this collegiate level has pushed me to work harder.”
She played on varsity as a freshman in high school, but she says playing in college is very different.

“The girls are stronger, more determined, and there’s harder competition than I’ve ever played against in high school,” she said. “This gives me a drive to be better and work harder.”

Even though Tiff ‘n’ Sniff individually practices two to three times a day, has two games a week, and goes to team practices five days a week, she still finds time to play an important part in the Spirit Team of First Year Council.

Words of Wisdom: “Enjoy living at home while you can,” Wilson said. “You meet lots of great people in college, but you will miss your family, too.”

Future Plans: Wilson is majoring in education and hopes to one day teach kindergarten. Her love for kids began when she started helping with her parents’ bouncy house business. She was given the unwanted task of telling kids to get out of their inflatable paradise. This gave Tiffany unparalleled practice in leadership and taking charge; two qualities she’ll need as a teacher.
Wilson hopes that people will come out to cheer on the women’s basketball team.

“If you can’t be an athlete, be an athletic supporter,” Wilson said.

Author: Aslan Murphy

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