Local businessman and UMHB grad supports the Cru

Published in the February 22, 2017 issue of The Bells

When students get tired of the coffee prices that come with the green logo in Belton, the next stop is Arusha Coffee Co. Stemming from a weak and weary creature who upon eating a coffee bean was revived and full of energy, Arusha’s came to Belton in 2012.
The owner, Hatem Couchane, brought his 15 years of experience in the field of coffee to Belton, Texas. He grew up in Tunis, Tunisia, and strives to bring the best of his culture into the laidback atmosphere of Arusha’s coffeehouse.
As a UMHB alumnus, Couchane makes Arusha’s as Cru-friendly of an atmosphere as possible.
“UMHB students are never an issue,” shop manager Ernst Jacques said laughingly.
One look around on a busy Sunday evening will tell you that there is no doubt that college students are welcome at Arusha’s.
Additionally, Arusha’s takes CruCash, which is ever so valuable in the times when you’re desperate for some tea and are out of cash.
For more money-saving, Arusha’s has an app called Perka, where avid coffee drinkers can record their points and earn free drinks.
Arusha’s also employs four current UMHB college students and employs a social media intern, Emily Maulding, who assists in all their online campaigns.
Arusha’s helps the school in any way they can, and recently gave a small donation to the UMHB Girls’ basketball team.
They also assist in various events for UMHB by hosting them with no charge and selling their coffee at discount rates.
“Finals are busy,” Jacques mentioned, symapthaizing with the struggle students face. “The only thing students don’t do here is sleep. They spend all day here. We’re glad to be part of their future, and happy to be a part of their library.”

Author: Tori Van Hooser

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