“Holy cats, Batman!”

Published in the February 22, 2017 issue of The Bells

“Clever and self-knowing.”
“Smart, funny, and fast-paced.”
“A great action/comedy on its own terms.”
These are just some of the many reviews of the new hit movie The Lego Batman Movie which premiered on February 10, 2017.
And with a 91 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes, this film seems like a shoe-in for an Oscar or two.
The Lego Batman Movie is about, you guessed it, Legos and Batman. When something amiss goes on in Gotham City, Batman goes on a mission to prevent any more damage from being done.
There are many obstacles in his path, though.
There’s the new Commissioner of Gotham City, Barbara Gordon, who wants to defeat crime in a way Batman doesn’t agree with.
Also, he finds out that he has adopted a boy, Dick Grayson, aka, Robin, who is eager to help Batman in any way he can.
The movie tackles themes such as loneliness and the importance of friendship.
Because Batman usually works alone, it is difficult for him to have to work with others.
There are many aspects of the film that I enjoyed. At the beginning of the movie, the film pokes fun at itself by stating the obvious, like how an innocent bystander gets caught up in trouble, just like in other action movies.
In fact, the movie does a really good job at making fun of its own story and the history behind Batman.
There are a ton of references to old Batman cartoons and movies and how Batman goes through “similar phases”, as shown by Alfred, Batman’s butler, who pokes fun at him by listing different Batman films throughout the years.
What’s unique about this movie is that it doesn’t just limit itself to the DC universe.
There are numerous characters from other movies such as Voldemort from Harry Potter, Eye of Sauron from The Lord of the Rings, and a velociraptor from Jurassic Park.
Another interesting thing is that The Lego Batman Movie practically acknowledges that the real world is out there because by referencing live-action movies.
Also, the jokes in the movie are sure to please a wide variety of age groups. Batman, known to be a serious character in other films, brings about a new interpretation.
He’s gruff, tough, conceited, and absolutely hilarious all at once. At the end of the film, you can really see his temperament shift to that of a more caring personality.
However, that’s not to say the film doesn’t have any flaws.
I thought it was a bit too fast-paced. There were scatterings of serious issues here and there, but I felt that they were skimmed over too quickly and needed more elaboration so as to give more depth to the character’s backgrounds.
I also thought that the story was somewhat one sided.
Even though Batman’s name is in the title of the movie making him the main character of the storyline, there wasn’t enough context on the villain’s side. I almost forgot about them halfway through the film.
All in all, The Lego Batman Movie was a good movie, but not great.
Although The Lego Batman Movie received better reviews than The Lego Movie (2014) on IMDb.com (7.9 compared to 7.8), I still believe that The Lego Movie had a bit more originality and ingenuity to it.

Author: Sarah Ifft

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