Who should get the check?

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Published in the February 8, 2017 issue of The Bells

It is the modern age question, “who should pay for the date?” The generations before us had a simple answer to that question. The man is always responsible for paying. However, we live in a society where women are CEOs, politicians and successful business owners. If our society is advanced enough to put women into positions of power, shouldn’t they be allowed to pay for a date as well?
Despite our advanced world, my personal opinion is that the man should always be the one to pay, regardless of the income of the woman. Plain and simple. It comes down to manners and respect.

A man should always be a gentleman.
When he doesn’t pay it makes him look less like a gentleman. And let me tell you guys, girls prefer a gentleman to any other kind of guy out there.
Women have undoubtedly gained more independence. I believe the reason for this is because a gentleman is becoming harder and harder to find.
So, yes, the man should be responsible for the check because that is what a true gentleman with manners and respect would do.
Now ladies, you too have your own responsibilities as well. You should never take financial advantage of a man just because he is respectful enough to be willing to pay.

In order to be a good date, a woman should show her appreciation to the man for paying for dinner or tickets or whatever it was that he spent his hard-earned money on.
Small gestures such as writing notes of appreciation or cooking a thoughtful meal goes a long way in a relationship.
Women should also be cautious about insisting to pay for a date. Even if she feels an obligation to pay, she should be careful. Some men may take offense to a woman wanting to pay. They may see it as “oh, she doesn’t think that I can provide.” This could hurt a man’s pride, especially on a first date.
There are some exceptions to the rules though. Women, I would suggest waiting until you’re a few dates in to pay for a date, just to show your appreciation to the man.

The best kinds of dates for a woman to pay for at the beginning of the relationship would be a coffee date or a date to get ice cream.
If you are in a more serious relationship, it is okay to pick up the check every once in a while. This is an easy way to show him that you care, without making him feel unneeded.
Ultimately, a man should be the one responsible for paying for a date, especially at the beginning of a relationship.
However, a woman should be allowed to pay every once in a while just to show the man that she cares, without injuring his pride.

Author: Katrina Wordell

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