Who produces and distributes the Stall Street Journal?

Published in the February 22, 2017 issue of The Bells

When students go into public restrooms on campus, there is a good chance they’ll see a bright, cheerful newsletter on the stall door. The Stall Street Journal gives helpful information on campus events and provides tips on maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
The Journal was created in 1998 by the former campus nurse, Jeanne Duphree, who got the idea from going to Chili’s and seeing scores posted in the restroom. Depree knew that the article would have guaranteed readership, so she brought the idea to UMHB.
The publication was a collaboration between several staff before the secretary of Health, Counseling and Testing Services, Heather Hansen, took over the job five years ago. Now she writes, designs, and distributes the Journal.

Hansen said that many students are surprised when they find out that the journal is produced by the Health, Counseling, and Testing Services.
“It’s kind of fun that way. [The students] are like, ‘I wonder who writes it,’ … I was putting it out in the bathrooms, and one of the student workers said ‘y’all write that? We love that.’ It seems to be pretty popular, and everyone seems to like it,” she said.
The template Hansen uses was created by art students when she first took over the journal.
“We had a competition where they could create the template, and then we chose one. We’ve had that one for a while, so we’re probably going to do something like that soon to freshen it up a bit.”

Hansen gets her writing inspiration from the counselors and the trends they see from the students who come into the center. The journal is a helpful and easy read for students and faculty.
“The information about physical health, mental health, and spiritual health is what we want to get out to the students,” she said. “We put in whatever we think will be relevant to the students. But we also address some things that the faculty can relate to.”
The February issue focused on taking care of the physical body because Feb. 22 through March 4 is Eating Disorder Awareness Week.

The issue included tips on investing in yourself, attitudes toward weight and self-worth, and eating disorder statistics. The issue also includes urls to websites such as Huffingtonpost.com, counseling.uogregion.edu, and eatingdisorderhope.com, along with information about when food spots on campus are open.
“The 18-24 age group is really affected by eating disorders, so we always make sure we talk about that every year at this time.”
Freshman nursing major Lauren Houston said she often reads the Stall Street Journal.
“I like it because it has information about where to go for counseling and good advice for getting adjusted to college.”
Houston’s favorite issue discussed how to get involved on campus .
“Earlier in the fall semester they had a bunch of information on clubs and how to get plugged in to the university.”

Author: Lauren Lum

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