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Published in the February 8, 2017 issue of The Bells

Oliver Stone graduated from UMHB in 2015 with a degree in communications.
As a Crusader, Stone was involved in Cru Football, which is what he misses most about being a student on campus.
“Nothing compares to being with the boys that you go through everything with,” Stone said. “I miss being around that family.”
At Stone’s job at the Cotton Patch Cafe, one of his regular customers connected him to Jamie Garrett, one of the producers at KCLN, a radio station based out of Temple.

Stone, who’s affectionately called by friends as “Ozzey,” came to the station for an interview and was essentially given the job.
He was learning how to produce by his first week at the station, and by his second week he was producing and reporting on sports games.
That year, Stone produced all of the games for Temple High and UMHB’s 2015 football season.
At the close of that season, Stone began working on “demo” CDs and sending them to Garrett, who gave encouragement and constructive criticism for his radio personality skills.

By the end of summer in 2016, Stone was given the opportunity to DJ his own show, appropriately named “Operation Turn Up.”
His on-air name, ‘Big O’, introduces listeners to local DJs trying to make it big.
On Operation Turn Up, Stone introduces the local DJs, advertises for KCLN if they’re doing a promotion or giveaway, continues discussing DJs or other pertinent events between breaks, and then hands the show off to the next DJ, Mike D.
Stone said that one of the most influential aspects of his education at UMHB was his communication practice.

“Being in a studio is different from speaking live to an audience, but you still have a lot of people tuning in to what you have to say.”
UMHB really helped me get comfortable with speaking in my advanced public speaking classes.”
When asked why the radio personality wanted to stay in the area, he said that his primary motivation was the comfort of God’s provision.
Although he originally wanted to go back to his hometown of Fort Worth and produce there, he had a feeling that he needed to be patient where he was.
In the end, he understood why.

“[Temple] is a smaller market, so you’re not overwhelmed by the competition. Here, I’m given the chance to grow and learn the ins and outs of the radio so that when I do decide to move elsewhere, I am multifaceted.”
Although he has appreciated his time in Temple, he does hope to eventually move into a big city market and compete with other radio personalities, hopefully in the realm of sports broadcasting.

His parting advice for others in the communication field is to stay focused and stay hungry.
“Communication is a broad major, so you can really get into some of everything. But now, it’s not as simple as ‘degree then job,” he said.
“You have to go for what you want. Be you and use what God has blessed you with to [create your livelihood].”

Author: Tori Van Hooser

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