Swishes coming true: An overview of intramural basketball

Published in the February 8, 2017 issue of The Bells

Heart pounding. Beads of sweat dripping. The thrill of running back and forth and dribbling the ball with only one goal in mind – making a basket.
Created in 1891 by a physical education instructor named Dr. James Naismith, basketball has become one of the most renowned pastimes in the United States.
The sport has been ingrained in today’s culture.
When most people think of basketball, they picture NBA stars such as Michael Jordan, LeBron James and Stephen Curry.
Some UMHB students got the chance to feel like these mega stars for a moment, when they signed up to participate in the university’s intramural basketball league

Many players have had past experience playing basketball and bring that feature to their teams.
Robert Harris, a junior exercise physiology major who is on the men’s 5v5 team Play2Win, has had plenty of practice on the courts.
“I’ve loved to play basketball since I was about ten,” Harris said.
Another student, Sarah Moshier, a senior nursing major who is on the women’s 5v5 team TuneSquad, has also had previous experience with basketball prior to joining intramurals.

“I’ve been playing basketball since I was nine or ten so it’s always been something I really love,” Moshier said. “I played basketball in high school so it just made sense to continue playing in college.”
Besides having experience, another reason some have joined intramural basketball is to learn more about teamwork and getting along with a lot of different people.
“[My favorite part is] just playing with my team and learning how to play with people you don’t play on a team with all the time,” Harris said.
One thing that many basketball players agree on is that playing a game is a really good workout.
Running back and forth on the courts can burn off a lot of calories.
On top of that, basketball can also help to ease stress.

“It’s good stress relief to be able to run around and do something I love in the midst of all the nursing school chaos,” Moshier said.
But perhaps the most important aspect of being on a basketball team is to have fun and form friendships.
Moshier has been on the same team with her friends, TuneSquad, for three years.
“I have made a lot of lasting friendships since I really had to reach outside of my usual circle to find girls that could hoop,” Moshier said.
Maya Kovalic, a freshman math major who is on the women’s 5v5 team Day Old Pizza, says that she enjoys playing basketball because she gets to laugh, have fun, and still learn about the sport all at the same time.

“The first game was pretty fun even though we lost,” Kovalic said, “And getting to learn actual stuff about basketball and having it stick [is fun].”
Moshier encourages students to partake in this engaging sport or at least come out and cheer on their classmates.
“I think it’s more competitive than people realize, but it’s so much fun so I totally encourage anyone who wants to play to make a team,” Moshier said.

Author: Sarah Ifft

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