Goodbye McLane air-horn, you will be deeply missed

Published in the February 8, 2017 issue of The Bells

“The Air Horn” was born in late September, 2016. The death of “The Air Horn” was January 18, 2017 around 12:45 a.m.
The owner of “The Air Horn” is unknown, but we can be certain that he is upset about the demise of his practical joke.
“The Air Horn” will mostly be remembered for its loud appearance in the Orange Hall of McLane.

It would go off at random hours during the day, once a day, for the entirety of the first semester and a week into the second semester.
For the first few weeks of its appearance, “The Air Horn” was hated by many, an annoyance at the least.
But after a few weeks it grew on everyone.
“The Air Horn” became a common topic around not only the Orange Hall, but also around other halls in McLane.
It was a mystery, which is why so many people loved the topic of it. “The Air Horn” is known as legendary throughout McLane.
No one knew who controlled “The Air Horn”. RA Andrew Simons, a fifth-year senior Marketing major, said that he was able to eliminate five rooms from being the operator.

However, he was never able to narrow it down further than that.
Noah Tyner, a freshman Christian Studies major ,said “I was very sad that “The Air Horn” was gone. The joke was funny, but waking up at 1 am was not. I spent a good amount of time laughing about “The Air Horn” and how much disturbance it was causing… but now I cannot, and the world is a sadder place.”
When asked what his favorite memory of “The Air Horn” was, Andrew Simons said, “My favorite memory was being able to hear the air horn every day. I didn’t know when it would sound, but I looked forward to hearing it. It was one of the constants in my life.”

The morning after its confiscation on Jan. 18, Orange Hall held a memorial for “The Air Horn”.
They reminisced about all the good memories they had with it. They laughed at all the happiness it had spread.
These students mourned the loss of one of the most legendary college pranks they will ever be exposed to.
Andrew Simons, along with the McLane administration, have officially announced the mascot of McLane Orange Hall to be an air horn in remembrance of “The Air Horn” that was loved by so many.

It is more of a symbol since the noise policies will still be intact.
However, they are looking to create a memorial to be placed in remembrance of the prank.
Therefore, we now bid farewell to the ultimate prank in Orange Hall history, “The Air Horn”, Sept. 2016-Jan. 2017.

Author: Katrina Wordell

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