How to turn New Year’s resolutions into healthy habits

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Published in the January 25, 2017 issue of The Bells

The New Year rolls in each year with an abundance of New Year’s resolutions, many of them relating to health and fitness.
Whether it is to work out more often or to eat healthier, as a new year comes around, gyms seem more packed than usual and grocers nationwide begin selling out of fruits and veggies.

But as the year continues, the ambition to keep those resolutions seems to slowly fade away.
Gyms suddenly become less packed, grocers stop advertising healthier options, and people start to fall back into old habits.
Once seemingly achievable goals start to seem impossible, and they are inevitably forgotten until another year rolls around and the cycle repeats.
What people don’t seem to comprehend is that the resolutions they make can’t be a one-time change. They have to be lifestyle changes.

When trying to achieve a better body, it seems as though no one wants to put in the hard work.
From quick-fix drinks to medical procedures, many people want to reap the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle without actually living one.
To achieve a better body, people have to change their lifestyle and really put sweat and hard work into it.
The popular 70-30 ratio of good health–70 percent food and 30 percent working out–is important to remember when attempting to change unhealthy habits.
One way to make a lasting change is to make better food choices. It isn’t about completely eliminating the foods you enjoy, it’s about moderation and modification.

Love fries? Find a recipe for sweet potato fries. Can’t go without having tacos on Taco Tuesday? Make them at home to ensure the ingredients are wholesome.
By spending money on food at the grocery store instead of wasting money at the drive-thru, you are able to control factors like portion and the quality of ingredients. .

Along with making good choices, it is also important to be consistent with lifestyle changes.
Whether you choose to run a mile everyday or eat healthier, you have to really stick to these choices in order to see results. This will help these changes become habits.

From staying healthy to dropping a few pounds, the New Year is a fresh start to achieve your new (and old) resolutions.. Maybe this year we can all form healthy habits instead of looking for a quick fix to all of our problems.
And if not, there’s always next January, right?

Author: Jasmin Ortiz

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