Cru wins National Championship! – The Legacy

Published in the January 25, 2017 issue of The Bells

We all have moments that we know we will remember for the rest of our lives. But when those moments coincide with the 70 men standing at your side, all working toward the same goal, it becomes something much greater.
The NCAA Division III National Championship game was a special moment shared by the Cru football team that they will never forget. Unfortunately, few people will ever know the feelings and excitement of this moment. But, through the stories and recollections of those lucky enough to share the moment, those left out can try to understand.
“It was great. Honestly, it was a relief, not just for me and the team but for the whole city of Belton. It was great to win one for them,” senior receiver Wykeyhe Walker said.
He also shifted the glory to his defense, saying that throughout the whole game the defense was amazing and when senior linebacker Matt Cody caught that pick, he knew the team had won.
“At that point I was just looking for my mom,” Walker said. “I climbed in the stands with my helmet on and everything. I was just happy.”
Senior quarterback Blake Jackson said he just wants the legacy to live on forever.
“For people to remember this as the team who was the first team, not only to win the first national championship, but the team that showed great brotherhood,” he said.
Jackson, more than anything else, spoke of the familial feeling among the team.
“That whole experience of celebrating with coaches and my brothers was a great feeling and will definitely be a memory I hold on to forever,” he said.
Sophomore receiver T.J. Josey said the team really wanted to win not only for themselves, but for the past teams, alumni and the community.
“The support for this team is outstanding and it was time to give back,” he said.
This is a true testament to what can be accomplished when a team becomes more than just a group of teammates. This was a family, and that camaraderie carried them to the highest honor they could possibly achieve together.


Author: Cory Farr

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