Weathersbee departs from UMHB: Director of Student Life makes difference during time at university

Published in the December 7, 2016 issue of The Bells

Earlier this fall, Dr. Byron Weathersbee, Vice President of Student Life, announced his departure from the university following the end of the semester. Weathersbee and his wife, Carla, have accepted positions at Summer’s Mill Retreat Conference Center in Belton.

“This place has been incredible,” Weathersbee said. “We have mixed emotions. We’re excited about what we’re going to do, but yet…we will greatly miss the students and the student interaction; no question.”
Weathersbee, affectionally referred to as Dr. B, has served at the university since the fall of 2009. During his tenure at the university, he has seen and helped implement many changes on campus.

“It’s been a phenomenal time to be a part of UMHB’s history,” he said. “When we came here in 2009, it was before we built these $100 million worth of facilities, so we’ve gotten to see those facilities being built. I’ve really been riding on the coattails on some phenomenal leaders.”
Weathersbee spends his time working with the deans and directors of campus recreation, spiritual life, student organizations, campus activities, intramurals, career services, the health center, and judicial affairs to make sure that students are receiving everything they need during their college experience.
“One of the things that UMHB does so well, and what drew me to this place, is that we’re very student friendly,” he said. “Students are the very centerpiece of what we do… I hope that we’ve been able to have an impact on seeing that happen.”
The Student Life division has had several notable accomplishments under the leadership of Weathersbee. In the past 7 plus years, Student Life has established new Game Day traditions/events such as the CRUise, the Cru Spirit Dance, Welcome Weeks’s Spirit and Traditions rally. They also created a Network of Christian Minsters, which evolved into “ONE.”

The divison also helped usher in Sodexo’s transition to Bawcom Student Union, as well as, helped oversee changes in various programs such as Stunt Night, Family Weekend, Miss MHB Pageant, and others.
Junior history major Danny Kown works closely with Dr. Weathersbee due to his involvement with Student Government Association. Weathersbee works diligently with the SGA to decide on important issues that will affect the student body.

“Dr. B has really helped me grow as a leader,” Kown said. “Being in Student Government for the past two years and really getting to help serve alongside Dr. B has been nothing short of a blessing. I hope that wherever he goes in life it will serve him well.”
Kown fondly remembers the time Dr. Weathersbee helped him film a parody video of The Blues Brothers for Cru Knights.
“His nickname was One-Take Weathersbee because every scene we filmed that he was in, he did in one-take.”
Dr. O’Rear said that Dr. Weathersbee has not only had an impact on the students, but on the university; however, he is excited for Weathersbee and his wife as they begin working at Summer’s Mill.
“We’re sad to see Byron go, but you kind of always are happy for people when they feel like God’s called them to something new.”
Alumni Dr. Brandon Skaggs has been chosen to be the new Vice President of Student Life. He will begin his new position January 2.
“[Skaggs] is a sharp young man who has great experiences and is prepared for the task ahead,” Weathersbee said.
The Bells staff would like to thank Dr. Byron and Carla Weathersbee for their support over the years and wishes them well on their new journey.

Author: Lauren Lum

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