Loutherback serves 50 years with college students

Published in the December 7, 2016 issue of The Bells

Dr. George Loutherback has worked with UMHB students for the past 20 years and will soon be celebrating 50 years of mentoring students for various universities.
At the beginning of his career, Loutherback, who is affectionately called “Dr. L,” was the director of the Baptist Student Union, which is now called the Baptist Student Ministry.
Before coming to UMHB he worked at many junior colleges and even supervised the BSM at Baylor University for 14 years before coming to UMHB.
Loutherback has done a lot to make his mark during his time with the university. He was the original founder of the Christian Association of Student Leaders, a specialized student life conference for Christian universities, and the beloved Welcome Week.
As the university’s current chaplin Loutherback teaches his own New Testament course and oversees all chapel services for the university, including bringing in speakers that will challenge the current generation with their messages.
He also helped start the revival program that takes place during the spring semester each year.

He even provides marriage and grieving counseling for students who need the assistance.
Loutherback also has a big role in the England mission trip that happens every summer. The university chaplain said he loves his job because he doesn’t have to follow a strict routine. .

“There is no day that is exactly the same because I have different people come through that door every day,” He said.
As a mentor and counselor to students on campus, Loutherback works with all students with different needs. He finds out what need they need help with and then builds a relationship with the student from there. If a student wants to work on anything, they they can confide in “Dr. L” for help. “Every student faces challenges that allow them to grow and expand on what they’ve learned before they come in to see me again,” Dr. Loutherback said.

Dr. Shawn Shannon,the current director of the BSM here on campus said she respects Loutherback for how long he has followed Jesus and how he encourages others to do the same.
Shannon has worked with him for 28 years, including his years as BSU director.. She believes Loutherback is committed to raising up leaders among students with whom he serves.. “One way we know what others value is to observe those things that they will do that are inconvenient or personally costly. I see Dr. L giving his time and life to develop leaders and to share Christ with the United Kingdom and to provide experiences where others can meet, commit to, and follow Jesus. I admire his work ethic,” Shannon said. “He encouraged me to grow and stretch personally and vocationally, especially when it came to pursuing a doctorate and beginning to teach. He both inspired and supported these adventures.”
Sophomore Engineering Science Major, Kasey Gaar-Humphreys, was a student in Loutherback’s New Testament course in the spring of 2016. He said that at the first glance he thought Loutherback was a kind man who knew a lot about the New Testament and that he had a lot of knowledge to share with his students.
“He inspired me to look deeper into the gospel to really see and understand Jesus’ teachings,” Humphreys said.
For now, Loutherback plans to continue to work with students here at UMHB until he retires. He saidhe wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

Author: Madeline Oden

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