Intramurals give students chance to play sports, make friends

Published in the November 16, 2016 issue of The Bells

The university is home to impressive team sports. We are one of the best in the nation for Division 3 football and we excel in baseball, basketball, golf, soccer,
tennis, and volleyball. But you don’t have to play at the professional level in order to participate in Cru sports. This fall, there were many intramural sports open to those motivated to play.

There are four fall sports – CoRec indoor volleyball (powerdivision and rec division), sand volleyball, flag football (CoRec and men’s 7v7), and soccer.

Cody Pryde, a freshman exercise physiology major, played men’s 7v7 for flag football and was a part of the Red Sea Renegades team, who made it to the
championship. He also played on the Heart Attackers for CoRec flag football.

“My favorite part about participating this year was the competition in the men’s league and the challenge in the coed,” Pryde said. “So many rules in the coed forced you to adapt your game and made every play exciting. In the men’s league, there was a lot of scoring and exciting plays which always makes for a fun time.”

While flag football and sand volleyball’s seasons have ended, there are still teams competing against each other in both soccer and CoRec indoor volleyball.

Daniel Chiu, a senior education major, is the captain of the Exploding Pineapples, one of the soccer teams. His goal for the Exploding Pineapples is to win the

“My favorite part is the team building aspect, and that I am able to play this with most of my
friends,” Chiu said.

In addition to soccer and indoor volleyball, students had the chance to sign up and participate in a dodgeball tournament Nov. 13. This event was sponsored by
Freedom Movement, an organization dedicated to ending human trafficking.

“Dodge Trafficking is our annual dodgeball tournament where Freedom Movement has the opportunity to reach a demographic of UMHB that we normally don’t cross paths with – athletes,” said Freedom Movement president Haley Wilson, a junior studying international business and Christian studies. “This gives us a chance to connect
with them on the heartbreaking issue we’re passionate about— the fight against international and domestic human trafficking. We love to hand out information and talk about our hearts for the fight during the event.”

Whether you want to play on a team to have fun, meet new people, or help promote a cause, intramurals are an excellent way to get involved with the community.
While it is too late to sign up to play soccer and volleyball this fall, there is always the spring season to join a team.

“For those considering intramural sports, I highly recommend it. It’s a great time and opportunity to exercise in a fun way and meet new friends. As a freshman
this year, I can honestly say that intramural sports has allowed me to meet a lot of new people that I’ve become good friends with,” Pryde said.

Chiu joined intramurals for the chance to meet new people and make new friends. “[Students] should join a team because it cultivates a team spirit which is needed
in the real world and because it also helps you [become] involved a little more on campus.”

Soccer and CoRec indoor volleyball end Nov. 28, so make sure you stop by and cheer on your fellow Crusaders.

Author: Sarah Ifft

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