Men’s golf team dominates competition

Published in the Oct. 26, 2016 issue of The Bells

Ranked number two in the nation with fewer than ten players, the men’s golf team has been busy making a name for themselves.

Led under Coach Jordan Cox, the men playing under the title have been recently ranked as the second leading team in the nation.

The team is rooted in good values and hard work ethic, priding themselves on knowing each other’s weaknesses and strengths.

“I think it’s helped that we’re all so close now,” said senior engineering major, Jarrod Brown. “It’s helped us to push each other. When we slack off or don’t try hard as individuals, it hurts us as a team. So being able to push each other and work together has played a major impact in our success. “

Leading first out of 13 teams in our own UMHB Fall Invitational, second out of 14 teams in the Al Jones Memorial and fourth out of 18 teams at the NCAA Fall Preview, the team has been out for the kill since the beginning.

“It’s all about practice,” said junior communications major, Zach Daroowala. “Practice really does make perfect. It helps us to see what improvements we need to make. And when we compete, we see how others play, and it helps us figure out how to make ourselves better players.”

As far as national success, the team has made a name for themselves there as well. The team has racked up countless titles and high rankings over the years, and dominates the competition at every turn.

The team continues to strive for even more achievements by practicing constantly and improving their already successful techniques.

Author: Jasmin Ortiz

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