Sports Spotlight: Soccer player Caleb Latson takes the field

Caleb Latson is a senior transfer student from St. Edward’s University who is majoring in Business Management and playing soccer for the school. Business Management may be his major, but his passion is for overseas mission work.

Latson said, “If I end up using my degree then great, but if not…it’s a backup plan”.

Caleb seems like a person who wants to do what he loves rather than make money from something he hates. His carefree attitude is a trait that the majority of college students would love to obtain.

Latson is a transfer student and explains that he transfered because he had friends that attended UMHB and decided to give UMHB a shot as well.

His soccer career did not start late in life, Caleb has been playing soccer for most of his life, and knows the game pretty well. When asked why he loves soccer, he says that “[he] loves to win!”

Latson plays forward and his strengths are knowing the game, being fast, being technical with the ball, making good passes, and overall having a passion for the sport.

Obviously, he is very passionate for the sport, but also depends on his team. He certainly is not a showboat and believes his team has great teamwork and sportsmanship. Latson said, “We are a very good team and they have a lot of heart for the game. We have each other’s backs and we want to win!”

In their recent game they won 6-0. He believes that his team has lots of heart and that is how they work so well together. Caleb has dabbled in other sports in his life for fun such as football, tennis, and baseball, but soccer is his passion.

The life of a college athlete seems as if it should be difficult, but for Caleb, it is a simple task. He states that “it’s really not that hard,” and he refuses to stress out about it too much. He realizes that he is able to handle the pressure and have great time management skills.

He is not only an athlete and student, but he also works for C-Life a few hours a week. When asked what keeps him going in college life he states, “Well, it’s the most logical thing to do. I do not want to dedicate all this time and not receive my degree. Plus, my relationship with the Lord. I look to him for my strength and my purpose. I truly believe that He has me here for a reason and a good purpose”.

All in all, Caleb is a carefree guy and has a clear vision of what he wants out of life.

In his busy life he also has time for reading non-fiction novels and being tuned into Stranger Things. So if you have time to check out the soccer games, look out for Caleb Latson.

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