Coming this fall: Find out what you can expect on your TV this season

Published in the September 28, 2016 issue of The Bells

October, the time when fleece sweaters, Halloween, and Pumpkin spice become trending topics. But perhaps most importantly, October is the time when new TV series arrive. CBS plans to air three new shows on their network that will have viewers laughing along and getting hooked on medical drama.

The show Man with a Plan is a comedy about a contractor, Adam (Matt LeBlanc), who begins to look after his three kids more often when his wife Andi (Liza Snyder) starts working. However, he discovers that the job is not so easy, as his children are wild, and he must learn how to take control of the situation. Man With a Plan will air Oct. 24.

The Great Indoors is a sitcom that follows Jack Gordon (Joel McHale), a reporter that once wandered around the globe in order to scoop out incredible stories. Now, he is the boss in the digital section of a magazine, working with young writers who fail to truly understand nature. He must figure out how to connect to his coworkers who are into pop culture and things he doesn’t have a clue about. The Great Indoors will air Oct. 27.

Pure Genius is a medical drama about a wealthy, tech-savvy man, James Bell (Augustus Prew), who partners up with Dr. Walter Wallace (Dermot Mulroney), a surgeon, to create a hospital with advanced medical technology, in hopes of treating patients with mysterious illnesses. Pure Genius will premiere Oct. 27. In addition, The CW will air two new shows – No Tomorrow on Oct. 4 and Frequency on Oct. 5.

No Tomorrow, a comedy- drama, stars Tori Anderson as Evie and Joshua Sasse as Xavier. Evie falls in love with Xavier, but she soon discovers that Xavier is not as suave as he first appears. He believes that the apocalypse is coming in a matter of months, which explains his exhilarating, carefree lifestyle. Evie, although skeptical of his idea, joins in on his adventurous routines.

Frequency, a drama, is about a detective named Raimy Sullivan (Peyton List). She discovers that she can speak to her father Frank Sullivan (Riley Smith) in the past by using a radio. Together, they try to change the past and rekindle their damaged relationship.

ABC also has two show premieres – Conviction, which will air Oct. 3, and American Housewife on Oct. 11.  

Conviction is a drama about the daughter of a past United States President, a rebellious attorney named Hayes Morrison (Hayley Atwell). After having a run-in with the law, she is blackmailed into examining cases that may not have been correct in their verdicts. She works alongside with a team, who are determined to solve the perplexing trials.

American Housewife is a comedy about a mother, Katie Otto (Katy Mixon), who is raising her family in Westport, Connecticut. The problem is, her family is imperfect, especially compared to the rest of the residents in her Westport neighborhood. Fall 2016 is sure to turn over a new leaf in the entertainment industry. Make sure you mark the dates of these TV show premieres so you won’t miss them.

Author: Sarah Ifft

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