Pokemon Go: the app that captured the world

Published in the September 28, 2016 issue of The Bells


Claiming over one hundred million downloads in the first two and a half months since its release, Pokemon Go has won the hearts of many smartphone users. People who had played the game before and new players alike leapt at the opportunity to take part in this exciting new installment in the world of Pokemon. The game is a virtual reality based version of the well-loved series. The user walks around in the world and can see one of three interactive parts of the game; a Pokemon, a PokeStop, or a Pokemon Gym. Pokemon are caught with PokeBalls. PokeStops can be used to collect items and attract Pokemon. And at a Gym, a player can battle the Pokemon of other players in an attempt to take it over. As of right now, seemingly the only goal of the game is to collect all 150 available Pokemon. Initial opinions of the game before the release were on opposite ends of the spectrum, but gamers were anxiously anticipating the July 6 release date. When the day came for the app to be released, users flooded the servers with attempts to play, causing the game to have quite the rocky start. Server issues plagued users for several weeks, causing frustration. Eventually the issues were sorted out, and people began to play. For a while it was like magic. To be able to see Pokemon on the screen in any given location was an interesting new twist to smartphone gaming. Users were everywhere, from parks, to grocery stores, to private premises in a few unfortunate cases. Junior public relations major Bryan Guice said, “Pokemon Go is a fun way to spend some of your down time away from class and a great way to exercise. The downside is people aren’t the best decision makers most of the time. Most people become so engulfed when they play that they won’t look both ways before crossing the street, or they refuse to stay off of private property.” While currently sitting at a rating of a 4.1 on the Google Play store and three-and a- half stars on the Apple Store, Pokemon Go is a great game that could be doing better. Freshman Multimedia and Information Technology major Emily Tomlinson said, “It’s a fun game with a great concept that brings people together, but I think people are losing interest. The company keeps failing to listen to the suggestions and complaints of the users.” The problem with the game, according to the users right now, is that it feels like a different game. Concepts like trading Pokemon and battling other trainers are missing from the hit game. These are ideas that former fans of the franchise are missing enough to stop playing. There is currently no official information regarding the introduction of these features, with most websites quoting nothing but rumor.



PokeStops on Campus

  • Mural of Lines- Davidson
  • York Family Science Center
  • R.E.B. Baylor
  • Forth From Her Portals- Sesquicentennial Plaza
  • Bawcom Student Union Center
  • Frank and Sue Mayborn Campus Center
  • University of Mary Hardin-Baylor- Vann Circle
  • Senior Bell
  • McLane Hall Dedication Plaque
  • Christ in the Garden – Walton

Author: Bryce Keller

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