Ryan Lochte scandal in the Olympics

Along with coverage about USA’s success in the summer Olympics in Rio, came a media firestorm over the alleged robbery of American swimmers Ryan Lochte, Jack Conger, Gunnar Bentz and James Feigen.
The gold medal-winning athletes claimed they were robbed at gunpoint by police officers at a gas station after a night of partying in the Brazilian city.
This story was not unlikely as details began to emerge about the supposed burglary, it became clear that the swimmers were not telling the whole story.
Even after the swimmers admitted that their account was false, it was uncertain what exactly happened, and if the Rio government was somehow involved.
The Rio government has had problems with police corruption and violence in the past, and the police have been linked to controversy surrounding other Olympic athletes.
In Lochte’s first interview about the accident, he said he and his teammates were, “pulled over, in the taxi, and these guys came out with a badge, a police badge, no lights, no nothing… and they pulled us over.”
He goes on to say that the swimmers were forced to the ground, robbed, and held at gunpoint.
The star athlete admitted that he was drunk and could not remember many of the details. But his story seemed to fall apart when he spoke with Today Show anchor, Matt Lauer.
In this interview, Matt Lauer pointed out that the story was different in certain areas.
Lauer pointed out that Lochte’s story seemed to vary from what he originally told police.
It was later confirmed that Lochte had in fact fabricated the story to cover up an incident involving vandalism on the part of the Olympians.
When the survallience videos surfaced of what happened that night, it became obvious that the swimmers were at fault. The security camera footage that has now been played over and over again on every news network and social media site. It shows the four Olympians walking into a narrow alley to urinate before knocking over and breaking a sign. A worker of the station watches the swimmers as they walk out of the alley and get into a cab.
Two police officers, who seem to notice the incident, come from the opposite direction and ask the taxi driver not to take the men anywhere.
The swimmers get out of the car, and Ryan Lochte flees the scene while the officers take the other three back to the alley way to show them the broken sign.
I understand these men went to a party and had been drinking before, but that does not explain why they decided to lie. It appears that they knocked over this sign by accident. If they had just told the truth from the beginning, the consequences would not have been so severe. It would not make them seem like bad guys, just guys that made a careless error.
There must be a lot of pressure on the athletes if they thought that the small account would have made them bad guys.
Accountability is important in every aspect of life. Since the story has been proven to be false, all four have accepted consequences and Lochte has apologized for his behavior that night.
If they had admitted wrong-doing in the beginning, then they would not have to face ridicule on a global stage.
Endorsement deals are already starting to fall away from the highly-decorated, Lochte, and it could have all been avoided with a little honesty.

Author: Madeline Oden

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