Cru football makes final preparations for the 2016 season

Published in the Aug. 24, 2016 issue of The Bells

Fall weather is the beginning of many things: cooler weather, flannel shirts, and football.
The team has been practicing since late this summer, honing their skills and preparing to make a run at the championships.
“We play three teams ranked in the top 25,” says Head coach, Pete Fredenburg. “ it gives us a great opportunity if we can win those games. It’d be really special, but we also know its a huge challenge. We’re just trying to maximize their potential.”
Strategically, Cru Football plans to open up their offense. The key to this move is their wide receivers, whom Fredenburg has said are “very talented.”
“We’ve got to put the ball into their hands,” he said.
Defensively, Fredenburg is looking for consistency and a more aggressive approach to covering their opponents.
Cru football is notorious for being exceptionally good, but that doesn’t mean the boys don’t work for their wins.
“It’s a grind everyday,” said sophomore running back, Braden Murphy. “It’s just like having a [real] job. It’s like anything else in real life, it teaches you a lot of discipline. You [have to] get up every morning and be ready to give your best.”
Sophomore quarterback Holten Einkauf said the team isn’t satisfied with average.
“If you’re satisfied with average, then that means you aren’t willing to get better,” Einkauf said. Everyday you wake up, and you want to get better and better than the day before. Once you realize that, you’ll be successful.”
Fredenburg mentioned several players worth keeping an eye on this season.
“Blake Jackson is going to be our starting quarterback, and I think he’s developed into an outstanding player and leader. It’s been fun to watch him grow and develop.
He also mentioned that junior linebacker Matt Cody has also established himself as a real positive leader.
Fredenburg thinks both will represent the program well.”
Fredenburg is going into his 19th season with the university, and hopes that being here has left a lasting impact on his players.
“I think they’re very dedicated to this program and to the team and the university, and that’s the special [thing] about playing here. The guys really take a lot of pride in representing the school and doing it in a real special way,” Fredenburg said.
Our boys uphold the tradition of faithfulness and devotion, both on and off the field, giving school spirit to all they encounter it.
Coming off of an impressive 11-2 record in the 2015 season, the boys of fall are back in action on Sept. 3 facing off against Ohio Wesleyan University at Crusader Stadium. So get ready Cru, football season is here.

Author: Jasmin Ortiz

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