Revival unites students

The very essence of UMHB’s Spring Revival is praise and worship of God. Each year, hundreds of students gather in the quad for three days to fellowship and worship together.
This year, the band Digital Age was back for their third time, and Dr. Kneeland Brown was there cracking jokes and ministering to all who came to participate in the annual event.
The event is student led, and draws in not only those seeking out the event, but also people walking by.
Spring revival comes just days after the university’s Easter Pageant and helps students reflect on what Jesus did for us. It’s a time to praise and worship, and come together as one body of Christ.
The Digital Age was happy to be a part of Revival, and helped to set the tone for the entire event.
“We don’t typically do things more than a year or two, and they asked us again, and we were like ‘Of course we’re going to do it, cause we love you guys. We really do,’” said Mike Dodson, the group’s piano player.
Guitarist Mark Waldrop (Shark) also had positive things to say about the event.
“Everyone we’ve met here has been awesome, we have a lot of friends from Baylor who are here now, and it’s just awesome to sleep in our own beds and come down here,” he said.
The band hails from Waco, where they first formed.
But it wasn’t just the band who enjoyed the event that took place under a tent. Those who helped plan Revival were also moved by its worship-centered vibes.
“One of my favorite aspects of the event was just getting to work with the committee.” aid Kelsey Riegel, junior history major. “Every single one of them had different stories, but they were all so on fire for the Lord and that was so evident through the whole Revival process. Getting to hear how they were telling their family and friends about the event, and getting to share the gospel with them was just incredibly uplifting,”
Riegel said for her, the best part was that most of them were freshman and had never even been to UMHB’S Revival.
“They didn’t know what it was going to look like when it all came together, so seeing them so excited and passionate for an event they’d never been to was so amazing and humbling,” she said.

Author: Jasmin Ortiz

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