Crusaders build playhouses for military families

The beginning of April brought not only April showers in preparation for our May flowers, but also CAB’s Cru Playhouses for military families.
Each year, mulitple associations around campus make a playhouse for military families.
The event was done the weekend before Reaching Out, in conjunction with the service event, and continued throughout the week.
Students delivered the houses at the end of the week and then painted them with the families.
This event not only benefits those receiving the playhouses, but those working on the projects as well.
Each year, the event draws out both positive vibes and great times, for the participating families and students.
“Cru Playhouse’s is something we do every year at the Campus Activities office,” said Victoria Fae, a senior cell biology major. “We purchase 10 to 12 playhouses every year, and different organizations sponsor each house.”
Fae explained that the organizations help military families not only off campus, but also those on campus as well.
“We build [the houses] during the whole week with the organizations. During the week leading up to [Reaching Out] we deliver the playhouses,” she said.
Fae has participated in building playhouses since her freshman year. She enjoys impacting so many military families.
“My favorite part is delivering the houses that Saturday with my organization,” Fae said.
“It’s just really fun to decorate with them and meet the children, play with them, and give them something that’ll last for a long time.”
The children that receive the playhouses get to play and hang out with the UMHB students and volunteers while they were painting the houses.
Often times, the military families recieving the houses are also UMHB students.
The playhouses are given to military families as an appreciation and gratitude gift from the school.
“My favorite part was building the houses,” said freshman marketing major, John Merritt. “We build houses for the kids so that they can have fun and use their imagination.”
This serves as a time for fellowship within the community and the campus.
It brings students closer together with those currently serving in the military and those who are no longer active.

Author: Jasmin Ortiz

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