Beards for Bucks- Pageant beards auctioned for charity

With eyeliner still smudged on their faces, the men of Easter Pageant waited to be shaved for a cause. Beards for Bucks is a tradition that occurs annually after Easter Pageant since Jeff Sutton, Assistant Director of Campus Activities, was a student here at UMHB.
Sutton and some of his friends involved in Easter Pageant in 2007 had a passion for missions and wanted to bring the concept of raising money from facial hair to UMHB. Sutton’s own beard raised around $1500 after a spirited bidding war between his family and friends ended in a compromise that both parties would pay.
Beards for Bucks, true to the reason it began, benefitted the GoNow Missionaries this year and raised a total of $675. Beth Ann Earley, a junior education major, shared her story of how GoNow Missions impacted her life.
“It changed a lot of things for me—how important kids are to me, my major…it changed my life,” she said.
Earley travelled to Compala, Uganda over the summer to serve in a temporary orphanage for kids newborn to 2-years-old.
She served in this home for two months over the summer and came to realize the need for missionaries in these orphanages.
“You’re preparing that baby to be loved by their future parents,” Earley said.
Freshman Christian studies major Cody Cowan was another student missionary who benefited from last year’s Beards for Bucks. Cowan visited Moldova over Christmas break to show orphans what it means to be loved and to have hope. He spoke at the event, emphasizing the importance of supporting summer missions.
“Support the people that are going with GoNow—buy their T-shirts,” Cowan said.
Jesse Malina, an alumnus of UMHB and the campus missionary intern, opened the night with a simple prayer of thanksgiving.
“Dear Lord, thank you for beards. Beards are cool,” he said.
Soon after the prayer, the night erupted with raised hands and cheers for participants to place their bids on the beards.
Before the auction began, bearded contestants had designs shaved into their facial hair.
Among the most popular designs were the reverse goatee, the Nike check, and the striped beard style. TJ Crenshaw, a freshmen engineering major, played James the Younger, a disciple of Jesus. Crenshaw’s beard sold for the highest price of the night, coming to a total of $150 with a variety of contributors.
Crenshaw encouraged everyone to get involved in Easter Pageant and Beards for Bucks next year.
“[Beards for Bucks] is a great opportunity to raise some money. We need more people doing it. We need voluptuous beards,” Crenshaw said.
Beards for Bucks is an excellent way to raise money for all of the missionaries who serve through GoNow Missions, he said. It’s been a post-Easter Pageant tradition for nearly a decade, and will continue to raise funds for many years to come with the support of UMHB students.

Author: Tori Van Hooser

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