Students raise the curtain on new drama club

The Crusader Company is one of the newest organizations on campus and was formed in the fall semester of 2015.
The club hopes to help students prepare for work in show business. Whether students have experience or not, the club accepts them all.
“We wanted to make the club because there was no drama club on campus,” said Danielle East, the club’s president.
The purpose of Crusader Company is to help students gain knowledge of everything that would happen onstage or backstage, like using props, making costumes, creating a scene, and acting.
The club will host workshops this semester to help students improve in a certain area and rehearse for upcoming plays.
Club sponsor and supervisor Kathy Owens said the organization is a way for those interested in theatre to get their feet wet.
“It will introduce them to the various tasks that theatre production require,” Owens said. “It will also allow like-minded individuals to bond over their shared love of theatre.”
Owens likes the potential of the organization,”
“It has the potential to be a wonderful force on campus,”she said.
There will be many events this spring semester in which students can get involved. For their February fundraiser, the organization will be selling chocolate covered strawberries (two for a dollar) in the first floor of Bawcom on Friday, Feb. 12.
The club will also be partnering with ROTC in March for a unique service project.
Members of Crusader Company will pose as civilians, leaders, and military personnel during a training exercise put on by the ROTC.
The opposing forces (played by the Crusader Company members) and the ROTC members will both be armed with paintball guns to simulate combat.
The organization also plans to perform a small play for students and the community sometime during the semester.
With the organization continuing to gain recognition, East said she has realized the need for such a club on campus.
“I like how [Crusader Company] has gained a lot of feedback about how an organization like it needs to be on campus,” East said.
The organization is currently meeting every other Monday in the Baugh Center for Visual Arts at 8 p.m.

Author: Madeline Oden

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