Popular series return as part of Spring TV lineup

From superheros to sitcoms, this Spring’s TV lineup has something for everyone. Here are just a few of the things to look forward to in the coming months.

Legends of Tomorrow, TV-PG
This season, on the long awaited spinoff of the CW’s popular shows Arrow and the Flash, we will get a look at the minor characters who play both heroes and villains as they pair up with Rip Hunter, portrayed by Authur Davill. Hunter decides to go against the Grand Time Council and put together a ragtag team of heroes and villains who are forgotten about, and who play no major role in the timeline. This team consists of White Canary, Hawkgirl, Hawkman, Captain Cold, Atom, Heat Wave and Firestorm.
When they realize that Rip Hunter is on a revenge-like quest and their futures were forgotten, they become upset and want nothing more to do with Hunter’s mission. But, when they realize they have an opportunity to time travel and become legends, things change.

black-ish, TV-PG
One of ABC’s most popular programs returns to finish season 2 by asking a question that everyone would like to know, can a man and a woman be friends? The episode focuses on the main character and narrator, Dre Johnson, who is portrayed by Anthony Anderson, and his wife Rainbow, portrayed by Tracee Ellis Ross, who becomes jealous and a little freaked out when Dre’s childhood best friend and international pop star Gigi, portrayed by Tyra Banks, stops by to visit.
Rainbow tells Dre she finds it weird that the two spend so much time together and that Gigi takes Dre to red carpet events and to celebrity hotspots. During Gigi’s time with Dre, she tells him that her boyfriend doesn’t like their friendship. So in attempt to make Gigi upset, Dre begins to call Rainbow his “bestie” and do the same activities that he did with Gigi.
In the end Gigi’s boyfriend and Rainbow realize that Gigi and Dre are really just friends and they would rather allow the two hang out than deal with their significant other’s ridiculous best friend activities.

Fresh off the Boat, TV-PG
Television’s favorite Asian American family is also back. After ending the first half of the season on a Christmas episode that was as funny as it was festive, the Huang family are getting ready to celebrate the Chinese New Year with their family back in Washington D.C.
Unfortunately something occurs and they are stuck in Orlando. Still in the spirit of celebrating the Chinese New Year, the Huang family sets out to find others. They find themselves at the Asian-American Association of Orlando, where Floridian members are celebrating the holiday in a way that seems unauthentic to the Huangs. So the family decides to show them their heritage and how to appreciate the holidays.

Grease Live, TV-14
Hundreds of cast members, 21 sets, multiple stages, and one night. Grease Live was definitely a success. This take on the classic movie by the same name was interesting to say the least. For those who don’t know the story, Grease revolves around Danny Zuko, portrayed by Aaron Tveit, and Sandy, portrayed by Julianne Hough, who spent a summer together and fell in love. At the end of summer, they end things due to Sandy’s move back to Utah (in the 1970’s movie Sandy was moving back to Australia).
Then we see it skip ahead a few weeks to the beginning of the school year, where the story then shifts to focus on the Rydell High School seniors, the Pink Ladies and the T Birds. The Pink Ladies’ main girls are Rizzo and Marty, portrayed by Vanessa Hudgens and Keke Palmer, while the T Birds are led by Danny Zuko and Kenickie, portrayed by Tveit and Carlos PenaVega. Then on her first day at her new school Sandy runs into Frenchy, portrayed by Carly Rae Jepsen, who also happens to be one of the Pink Ladies.
At lunch the Pink Ladies find out about Danny and Sandy’s previous relationship, so they decide to surprise them. Once Sandy sees how Danny is around his friends she is disheartened. While Danny and Sandy figure out their feelings for each other, they perform amazing dances, wonderful songs, and portray teenage drama.
The live version did make some cuts from the original and shorten some of the scenes, but it still flowed beautifully. But even though the cast and choreography were amazing, all eyes were on Vanessa Hudgens, who announced before the show that her performance would be in honor of her father who passed just a few hours before she was to perform on live television.
Hudgens, like the rest of the cast and crew, didn’t disappoint. Hudgens was praised for her performance and her version of “Worse Things To Do” that was filled with emotion.

Author: Adam Ramirez

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