Cru Culture: On your own or with a date, five things to do on Valentine’s Day

One day, in third century B.C., there was a Roman priest named Saint Valentine. He served under Emperor Claudius. Emperor Claudius believed that single men would be better soldiers than married man. So, he passed a law making marriage illegal for all young men. Saint Valentine saw how horrible this law was, so he began marrying young couples secretly. When Claudius found out about Valentine’s rebellion, he had him killed. Valentine was brave and defiant, ultimately choosing love over war. For this, Valentine was canonized by the Vatican, and two centuries later he was given a feast day, the day the church honors and commemorates a saint’s life. Can you guess what day this was on? February 14.
There are several other traditions related to Valentine’s Day. In France and England, the holiday marks the beginning of the bird’s mating season. This symbolizes love, fertility, and the promise of spring.
Valentine’s Day rose to popularity in the United States in the 17th century, where friends would exchange small gifts and notes of affection. The first Valentine’s Day card was sold in 1840 by “The Mother of the Valentine,” Esther Howland. Today, over one billion cards are sent each year.
But want to do more than exchange cards? Do you want to go all out for your significant other? Well, keep reading on and we’ll give you a few ideas for this weekend. Are you single? No problem. These five things you can do by yourself or with friends. Trust me, you’ll “love” it.
Before we get started, the weather on Valentine’s Day (a Sunday) is looking a little bit rainy (50% chance). Warm, with a high of 75, but rainy. So, if you want to do anything outdoors, you may want to try Saturday.

Go on a picnic
Yes, it’s simple, and cliche, but it’s effective and fun. Make sandwiches, don’t forget candy and drinks, bring your ice cooler, and turn on your ultimate romantic Spotify playlist. You can’t go wrong. (Bonus: Bring chocolate covered strawberries, pineapples, or an Edible Arrangement.)

Go to the Temple Railroad and Heritage Museum
There’s plenty of interesting exhibits, artifacts, and a locomotives to check out. Call their hotline for information on admission and hours. Or visit their website at

Plan something together
A lot of times, people think the gifts and presents given on Valentine’s Day have to be a secret. However, with your significant other or friend, you can openly talk about how you are going to spend the day. You can go to the spa, go to the movies, or simply stay in and watch Netflix. It takes the pressure off of the person doing the planning without losing the fun.

Go sing karoake or go dancing
For some people, social outings are incredibly fun, even on just a regular weekend. Imagine the fun on Valentine’s Day weekend? Good examples are going somewhere to sing karoake, dancing, or maybe even roller-skating. Sing your heart out or get active with the people you love most.

Throw a party
So, couples might not want to throw a party, but if you have no one to spend the day with, then perhaps you are not alone. Throw a Valentine’s-themed party at your place, filled with red and pink balloons, lots of candy, and great music. If you are against the whole holiday, who says you can’t celebrate? Throw an Anti-Valentine Party, filled with black and white balloons, lots of candy, and perhaps a Netflix playlist of horror or action movies.
There you have it—five ideas for your 2016 V-Day Weekend. No matter how you feel about Valentine’s Day, remember life is short, and you should always try to make the best of the situation. Have a great weekend spending time with the ones you cherish.
Saint Valentine would love that.

Author: Starr Rivers

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