Cru Culture Ring by Spring, or so it Goes

Do you have aspirations? Goals? Of course you do, you’re in college. Every college student dreams of the day they walk across the stage and tell their momma and papa that they have earned their college degree.
But here at UMHB, female students might also be looking for something else as they finish their college career. Some of these students don’t want to cross the stage and just grab their diploma. They want to grab their diploma with a ring on their finger. And not just any ring. That ring. The ring.
If you’ve been on campus long enough, you know a roommate, classmate, or friend that has gotten engaged or taken a trip down the aisle. And if you haven’t been around long enough, you should get to know the term “Ring by Spring.”
This term wasn’t originally coined here at UMHB, but in Christian college culture in general. Many students grow up in a household where marriage is a great thing to look forward to in life. Many brought these ideals and values to UMHB with them. But while some may be looking forward to finding their soulmates while they’re finding their careers, some students feel like this aspect of our school’s culture is overwhelming at times.
“[Ring by Spring] is rather hilarious and a bit ridiculous. As soon as I got [to UMHB] I knew,” said junior English major, Rebecca Pesqueda. “There were so many details with it, too. Getting married in Manning Chapel, going around Burt Pond three times to find ‘The One.’ Sometimes it can be a bit much.”
Many students can relate to Rebecca. In an environment like Cru Country, influence is inevitable. Friends begin dating other friends, and you may be the odd man out. And no matter how hard you try, peer pressure can be very real. One day you look around and see everybody has their “somebody.” Not only are you trying to juggle classes, work, and extracurricular activities, but you have to be in a relationship too? Although it’s just a silly slogan, the unspoken pressure can weigh on your mind without you even realizing it.
Senior Political Science and Speech Communication major Kelzye Isham, who is recently engaged, explains what “the ring” should truly be about, and why students shouldn’t lose sight of the seriousness of finding a lifelong mate.
“I fully believe that college can be a great chance to form relationships, both romantic and not,” she said. “However it is crucial that forming a lifelong relationship should not be the center of focus. This focus diminishes opportunities to find lifelong friends and experience such a fun time of growth. Any ring by spring should come from a true commitment rather than a need to check off a UMHB tradition.”
No matter how you feel about “Ring by Spring,” the best thing to do is evaluate your priorities and your own life goals. When you make decisions for the right reasons, those decisions are all the more worthwhile.

Author: Starr Rivers

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