Syrian refugees deserve a chance for a better life

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Considering that America was built on the principle of migration it would be a double standard to deny the Syrian refugees shelter. The only people in America that are not immigrants are the Native Americans. So, to deny any group of people access to the American dream seems against what our country is about.

Not every Muslim or non-American is against America. In fact plenty of Muslims serve in the American military.

The ability to deny a race of people entry into America because of migration sets a dangerous precedent. America seems to be on its way to being on the wrong side of history.

I love this fine country, but these politicians seem to forget they speak for us, not just themselves. I don’t recall taking a vote on whether the Syrians should be allowed to enter or not. America is telling the whole world that they will go to war, but will not take in those who need protection from tyrannical rulers.

Americans should ask themselves how much longer the world will let us be “big brother” when we are not willing to help others. We need to allow them entry and show the world America is better. We will not let anyone change who we are and what we do.

Native Americans accepted and helped the settlers. Moses led the Jewish people to a land where they were taken in. And lucky for my ancestors Native Americans took in run-away slaves.

History is littered with cultures who accepted different cultures despite their very obvious differences. History is also saturated with people who were accomplices to the oppression of other races. Turning your head and looking the other way, by law is being an accomplice.

Americans love claiming the name of Jesus, but I wonder what Jesus would do if he saw those same people denying scared and innocent people the chance to be safe.

His promise to us is admittance to Heaven as long as we follow him and prove our love. Why not give the Syrian refugees the same courtesy and give them a chance before sending them back into the arms of tyrrants.

Author: Jonathan Allison

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