How to get away with eating like a pig over Christmas break

By: Starr Rivers

It’s that time of the year. The most wonderful time of the year. It’s Christmas Break. Time to take a rest from 8 a.m. classes, tests, all-nighters, and Chick-Fil-A (well…maybe not Chick-Fil-A). Time to enjoy family, old friends, caroling, giving to others, and of course, EATING.

What’s Christmas without your mom, aunts, and grandma pulling out their best recipes and ending the year with more food than you could ever eat. Thanksgiving just passed and be honest, you went back for seconds, thirds, and maybe a fourth plate.

But that was only a week long. With Christmas break upon us, it could be four weeks of stuffing your face. You could go back to Belton 20 pounds heavier.

When you return to campus, everyone will know exactly what happened. They’ll know that eggnog, cookies, figgy pudding, chocolate fudge, and gingerbread houses got to you.

For those who don’t want to ruin their workouts, here’s some tips to get away with countless cheat meals before spring semester.

1. Focus on other things

When attending different Christmas functions and parties, remember it is a social gathering. The pigging out should be for Christmas dinner.

Many times people believe it is all about eating. In truth, it is more about congregating and socializing with others.

Play board games, watch a movie, sing songs, but don’t get stuck in the corner with a plate full of chocolate chip cookies.

2. Go for that turkey

There’s bound to be tons of turkey, ham, quail, and other protein sources. It’s usually a mainstay of holiday dinners. Eat it. If anything, eat lots of it.

It’s delicious because Grandma knows how to marinate it just right, and it is a great source of nutritional value and protein.

3. Pace Yourself`

This is usually the biggest problem when gaining weight over the break. This is usually why by the end of the night our stomachs are killing us and we regret those last two plates of pie.

When eating all the delectable dishes, give your brain time to register how much food you’ve eaten.

Believe it or not, 10-15 minutes later, you might not want the food as much as you thought. I know, you’re shaking your head, saying no way will I turn down a plate of Mom’s famous chocolate cake, but hey, just give yourself time and it may save you a pound or two.

4. Drink lots of water

Water does the body good. It’ll make you feel fuller longer and will keep you hydrated. You may hate water, but it’ll really help with all the salt and sugar you’re going to be consuming.

If you just can’t stomach plain water, try adding fruit to your water, or try mineral water.

5. Stay Active

Over the break, we tend to gain weight only because we’re eating SO much food and then not burning any of it off.

As tempting as Netflix and cookies sound, getting out and staying active will keep you feeling light and refreshed.

No, you do not have to spend hours in the gym. Go play football or basketball with your friends, have a dance party with your family, or try something like the Trail of Lights in Austin, where you walk 1.25 miles while enjoying Christmas light displays.

Well there you have it. Five tips that can keep you from looking like Santa Clause by the time January rolls around.

But even though watching your calorie intake is important, don’t let food or body image take over your Christmas break.

The most important part of Christmas is the celebration of Jesus and being around family and friends.

While you’re home, relish in the love and the joy that God gives to us. Enjoy your break and have a Merry Christmas.

Author: Starr Rivers

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